At the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, we are continually working on various projects to improve the resort, the experience of the guests, and improve the Keweenaw. Below is a list of current projects. They are projects that are under development, which are at various stages of development.

Stage: Development

  • International Dark Sky Park Designation 
  • Employee Housing Development on Property
  • Improving Mobile Phone Communication
  • Adjacent Property Acquisition from the Keweenaw County
  • All-Sky and Northern Lights Web Cameras 
  • Certified B Corp
  • Audubon Society Certified Golf Course
  • Walking Tour around the Lodge (in the building and around the property, virtual realty – VR)
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • Mountain Bike Pump Track and Skills Park
  • F&B Mentor Board
  • Heritage Site for the Keweenaw Historical National Park
  • Walking Tour around the Lodge (in the building and around the property, virtual realty – VR)
  • Nature Trail

Stage: Idea

  • Mountain Bike and Hiking Perimeter Golf Course Trail
  • Art Trail
  • Snow Biking
  • Snow Terrain Park
  • Horse stables and horse trails
  • Fall Festival
  • Live Music
  • Historic / Info plaques in the cabins
  • Updated furniture in the cabins
  • Updated bathrooms in the cabins
  • 2nd KML Photo contest, for wood-prints in the cabins
  • KML Shuttle bus
  • Plants and book cases and sculptures in the dining room
  • Restoration of Shanty town and generator structures
  • Repurposing tennis court 
  • Night Time / Dark Sky Observatory (tree-house / water tank / amphitheater)
  • Compensation Model

Stage: Implemented / Completed

  • Grilling Kits
  • Guest Chef Program
  • Chimney Restoration on the Lodge Building Chimney Restoration [ Oct-Nov 2020 ]
  • Winterization of Cabins 4, 8, 9, and 12 (crawlspace insulation, furnaces, storm windows) [ 2020 & 2021 ]
  • West font porch; removal of offices in front porch of Lodge building [ Feb – April 2020 ]
  • Revitalization of the cross-country ski trails, and creation of snow-shoe trail for winter operations [ Winter 2020 – 2021 ]

Stage: Cancelled

  • N/A