Historic Informational Sign at Lodge

The historic information sign at the front of the Lodge building has started to show wear-and-tear. To keep it in good shape, we have a project to move it inside. Thus, you will see the sign removed from the front outside of the building, and be hung inside of the Lodge building.

The sign was initially hung at the west side of the Lodge building entrance, and then moved to the east side of the building, out front (circa 2010).

We have now located a place in the Little Cabin Cafe (in the Lodge building) where we will hang the sign inside, and keep it in good shape. As well, we will provide an interpretive sign to explain the sign for guests.

The sign was hung in the Little Cabin Cafe area on July 12, 2022. Below are pictures of the team hanging the sign, and how it looked after finishing the move.

This project was lead by Isaac Bennetts, with fellow KML team members, Lukas Pfau and Aidan Tanskanen.

Last modified on July 14th, 2022 at 12:28 pm