[ Educated by nature ]

Education is a core focus of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, which means we are committed to “continuous learning”. This focus allows guests to increase their knowledge each time they visit, leaving more knowledgeable than when they came. In addition, this focus equips our team with valuable knowledge and allows us to stay true to our values. 

The Education Center is your main hub for leaving the Keweenaw with more knowledge. A place to reference a flower or bird that you spotted on your nature walk or sit down and read about “The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Story”.

The left (east) wing of the Education Center is the Learning Room.  A self-guided space where you have the opportunity to learn about our current and new endeavors, history of the lodge, ecology, Rustic worldly food, and so much more! Our team members are happy to engage and answer any questions you may have. 

The right (west) wing of the Education Center is the Class Room. This is where you can put your curiosity to the test. The Class Room holds unique intimate workshops for guests. Subjects vary from Rustic Worldly cooking classes, growing your own pollinator garden, guided steps to becoming a B-corp/Audubon Certified business, Photography, Woodworking, etc. 

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