[ Elevating the Keweenaw ]
Adding another dimension to the Keweenaw,
and living in and breathing the natural world.
Being nature-friendly is a fun.joyous.adventuresome responsibility.

We don’t measure success by the number of cars
in the parking lot nor the # of people that visit;

We focus on creating great experiences and
providing those great experiences to our target market.

[ Getting people closer to nature; a breath of fresh air ]

We are a four-season historic resort at the top of the Keweenaw, focused on outdoor activities, rustic worldly food, and education. We work to marry history with the future to get to a vibrant and progressive present, and limit the amount of people that are on property in order to improve the guest experience.

[ Keweenaw — pronounced ‘key-wah-naw ]

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge was built under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in 1934, when FDR was the president of the United States and the country was going through the great depression. As of 1980, the Lodge is on the National Register of Historic Places, and as of 2018, is privately-owned. [ Learn more about the history of the Lodge | Historical Timeline ]

We cater to individuals that want to get closer to nature being that we are located in a wilderness environment [ see why we exist ]. Individuals that enjoy their experiences at the Lodge are individuals that tend to value the history of the lodge and want to see it move forward, outdoor enthusiasts, and culinary enthusiasts. These individuals also understand the Lodge team core values, and why the Lodge team works to lead by these values. This increases the probability that Lodge guests and Lodge team members will have a delightful experience when marrying history with the future to get to a vibrant and progressive present.

The Lodge currently consists of log cabins, outdoor activities, dining, an education center, an international dark sky park, a nature sanctuary, and a wonderful team.

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The Lodge has existed in its wilderness environment at the top of the Keweenaw since the 1930s. To be able to continue to exist vibrantly going forward, we focus on sustainability and fostering and living our values. This entails being sustainable in organizational sustainability, environmental sustainability, and financial sustainability when hosting visitors that are visiting the area (i.e. a sustainable tourism focus).

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Special Projects

We are continually working on projects at the Lodge. These projects allow us to stay fresh as a team and continue to improve and move into the future at the top of the Keweenaw. If we are successful in marrying history with the future, we will be able to live in a vibrant and progressive present. To keep people up to date on what we are doing (and what we have done), we provide information on these projects

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We are Building a Team

Want to work in at a historic wilderness resort in a beautiful place of the world? Let’s team up to make the world a more fun.joyous.adventuresome place. Apply to help us build a great resort and be a part of making guest experiences fun.joyous.adventuresome. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Brand Guide – Media Kit

At the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge we work to have a unify voice and image. As such, we have created a brand guide and provided our media kit online to help us and others ensure that we are consistent in our activities.

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If you are inquiring about a donation, please see the KML Donation Application.

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