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Notice: Lodging is open year-round.

Use the form below to check lodging availability and price, and to make a reservation online.


Reminder: Payment is by credit or debit card only. View entire availability via a Calendar view.

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Note: During the summer, all the cabins are open. During the winter, only the golf course-side cabins are open (cabins 1-14).

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The entire property map can be seen on the “Property Map” page.

[ To reserve under a room block or to change/cancel a reservation, please call 906.289.4403, ext 1 ]

Lodging Policies | No Smoking Policy | Pet Policy

Our online system is up to date. Our online lodging reservation system is the same system that our front desk has access to. So calling us will not show different availability. Thus, we suggest you use the online reservation system. [ but if you want to call and chat, we would love to talk with you at the front desk about the resort ]

Are you looking for lodging that is part of a wedding group or corporate retreat? If so, for those special events, call 906.289.4403 or email us at to book your cabin during the dates of your event. Note: We block the cabins up to 30 days prior to an event to ensure that guests of that event can book their cabins (based upon availability for that event / group).