Core Values

The core values of the team at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge:

[ Download a PDF version of our Team’s Core Values ]

It is a privilege to work at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  The resort, consisting of the lodge, the cabins, the golf course, the trails, and the surrounding wilderness are steeped with history. As part of the ownership and leadership change several years ago, a goal was set to build a culture that one could be proud of, and that people would want to be associated with — a culture that would be strong and withstand the test of time.

Culture consists of the beliefs and behaviors common to a group’s members, including the values of those individuals. At the Lodge, our core values are like a pyramid, we build from the bottom up.

We start with the table stakes:

  • Value our team members
  • Value our customers and guests
  • Value our community
  • Value our environment

The secondary set of values builds on top of the table stakes:

  • Adapt accordingly to the situation and react in a positive manner
  • Look conflict in the eye and gracefully wipe it out
  • Be fearless and persistent in learning on a daily basis
  • Respect others
  • Leave ego at the door
  • Appreciate life
  • Be welcoming

By practicing these sets of values it leads us to the top of the pyramid:

  • Fun . Joyous . Adventuresome

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