Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge and our operations.


The nightly rates vary based upon which cabin you select and the dates you select to stay with us. You can see the nightly rates via our reservation system

As well, you can see the pictures of each cabin, and the layout of each cabin. This provides you a better understanding of the cabins, and helps you select which cabin is best for you.

You can check the availability of our cabins at any given via our online reservation system. 

[ See availability ]

You can find the cancellation policy on the Lodging Policies page, which clearly explains what the terms are if you cancel your reservation, with no exceptions to the policy.

The Lodge building does not have rooms in it that people can stay in. We only provide historic log cabins for guest to stay in overnight.

No, we do not allow camping on the property.

We are a designated international dark sky park, and thus people visit the property throughout the night to view the sky. However, they are not allowed to stay overnight.

The cabins do not have kitchens in them. You can see the amenities that are in the cabins on the Log Cabins page (for example, mini-fridges, coffee pot, etc.).

We do not allow fire pits at the cabins, and the grills are not to be used for other than cooking food (and can't not use firewood in the grills). There is a community fire pit on the east side of the Lodge which you can use, including making s'mores.

Bags of ice which you can take to your cabin can be picked up from the Little Cabin Cafe.

Winter months: Currently we do not run our ice machine during the winter months, so there is no ice available from the Little Cabin Cafe during the winter. Our commercial ice machine is large, and with less requests for ice during the winter months, it is not effective and not efficient to have it running.

We do not clean cabins during your stay.

During your stay, if you need to have the trash removed from the cabin, leave the trash on your front porch of your cabin in the morning and facilities crew will pick up the trash during their daily rounds after 11am.

Firewood is provided for all cabins that have wood-burning fireplaces. We stock the firewood before you arrive, and then we replenish the firewood during your stay when you hang your wood medallion outside. The medallion should be hung by 11am so we know to provide the firewood to your cabin later that day.

[ Learn more via the Guest Services Directory ]

If you need new linens during your stay, check with the front desk during operating hours and they can provide you with new linens.

Yes, the cabins have heat. Even though they are historic and rustic, the cabins do have multiple sources of heat. Forced air (furnace, propane), baseboards (electric), and fireplaces. We also have big buddies in the cabins for backup heat, in case there is a power outage.

[ Learn more about the heating options in the cabins in the Guest Services Directory ]

The cabins do not have air conditioning. However, we do provide fans, upon request.

The best time to visit the Lodge / the Keweenaw to see the leaves change is the last week in September and the first two weeks in October. That said, it is up to Mother Nature to determine when she wants to have her trees have their leaves change color and drop in order to get ready for the winter.

We are not able to turn on the Northern Lights with a light switch and can not be seen every day / night. However, that said, the Northern Lights are happening throughout the year. The question becomes when they happen during a given day (during the daylight -- when you can't see them, or during the night time, when you can see them when it is clear, no cloud cover), and if they come down far enough south to be able to see them from the tip of the Keweenaw. Since there are more hours during the night between October and April, you have a higher probability to see the Northern Lights during those months.

[ Learn more about the Northern Lights ]

Yes, we have wi-fi at the Lodge building and throughout the cabin area. However, realize it is not wi-fi that you would find in downtown Chicago or even in rural America. We are remote, and our cabins are made of think logs (historic, rustic, built in the 1930s).

[ Learn more about the wi-fi at the Lodge ]

You are not able to bring your own food (and drink) and eat (drink) in the Lodge building. You can bring your own food and eat on the Lodge property outside of the Lodge building (e.g. at a picnic table or in your cabin). 

Yes, at the Lodge, our made-from-scratch breakfast burritos and drip coffee from the Little Cabin Cafe are included in the lodging rate for all paid registered guests. Learn more about our breakfast burritos.

No, lunch is not included in the lodging rate.

For winter lodging reservations, a winter take-out dinners are included for each paid registered guest. Advanced reservations with dining services for picking up the winter take-out dinner is required. Learn more about winter take-out dinners.

Dinner is not included with the lodging reservation any other time.

Outdoor Activities

Currently there is not a fee to use the mountain biking and winter trails. However, you do need to come into the Outdoor Activities Center to sign a waiver for each season of use.

If you are going to use the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge property for an outdoor organized activity you are required to have a permit with the resort, and if used for commercial use, pay a fee. [ Learn more ]

We do not have a golf pro shop. Rather we have an Outdoor Activity Center which handles all of our outdoor activities, including golf. The summer Outdoor Activity Center is in the cabin next to hole 1 tee box. The winter Outdoor Activity Center is in the main Lodge building, in the Banquet Room next to the Little Cabin Cafe.

We have an all-sky camera that posts images every 5 minutes of the sky. On that camera, you can see the stars as well if the Northern Lights are showing. Below is an example of how the Northern Lights look like on the all-sky camera, and a time-lapse of multiple images showing the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights are unpredictable, especially when trying to forecast long-term. However, there are different short-term forecasts (forecasting out several hours and up to several days). You can find them on our Northern Lights page.


For dining services, we have the Dining Room and the Little Cabin Cafe. The Dining Room is only for private dining and requires advanced reservations (learn more about the private dining). The Little Cabin Cafe is open 7 days a week.

[ Dining Hours of Operations | Little Cabin Cafe Menu | Dining Room Menu ]

Yes. We only provide a private dining experience in the dining room, which focuses on rustic worldly food and enjoying a WPA-era Lodge -- a unique experience that you can not get anywhere else in the world. 

We also have the Little Cabin Cafe open.

[ Learn more about the Private Dining @ KML ]

The bar has been closed since 2020, which was the start of the executive orders that limited operations and spaced people out (and thus, we took away the bar stools). 

We learned from that time that we are about having people be outside and look outside, rather than at a wall (which is what the bar does -- it has you looking at a wall, which can be anywhere). The outside scenery is what the resort is about and our focus is to get people closer to nature, not a wall.

And we are about being quiet and a bar at night is loud. So we are serving craft beer, wine, hard ciders, and hard seltzers at the Little Cabin Café, which has café hours --- closes at 5pm each day, with the over all Lodge building closing at 6pm each day. 

No, the bar is closed. It has been closed since 2020. 

Craft beer, wines, hard ciders, and hard seltzers, along with coffees, teas, sodas, and kombuchas can be purchased at the Little Cabin Café.

You are not able to bring your own food (and drink) and eat (drink) in the Lodge building. You can bring your own food and eat on the Lodge property outside of the Lodge building (e.g. at a picnic table or in your cabin). 


The resort is open year round. For the hours that each area of the resort is open each day of the week, you can find that info on Hours of Operation page.

The Keweenaw County Road commission does a wonderful job keeping the major roads (e.g. US Hwy 41 and M26) cleared. They also keep our main road into the Load, Golf Course Road, cleared in a timely fashion.

That said, one shouldn't be driving in a major snowstorm / blizzard, as that is not safe. The county tends to get to roads within 24 hours after a major snowstorm.

Yes. We have a Rivian Waypoint charger on the east side of the Lodge building that can be sued by the general public (pay for usage). As well, we have a Rivian Waypoint charger at cabin 12 to allow guests staying in that cabin to charge their vehicle.

[ Learn more about charging your vehicle at the Lodge ]

You are not able to bring your own food (and drink) and eat (drink) in the Lodge building. You can bring your own food and eat on the Lodge property outside of the Lodge building (e.g. at a picnic table or in your cabin). 

The nearest airport is the Houghton County Memorial airport that is in between Houghton/Hancock and Calumet. It is about a 40 miles from the Lodge.

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge was established in 1934 and was owned and operated by Keweenaw County / County Road Commission until 2018. The resort is now privately owned, by Keweenaw Resort, LLC. 

[ Learn more about the history of the Lodge ]

The Lodge is open, and has been open every year since it was established in 1934. 

Firearms are not allowed on property, be it concealed or openly carried.

If you are more concerned about your weapon, the Lodge is probably not the place for you to vacation. We are a quiet and safe place for all guests, and a firearm, be it concealed or openly carried, will make other guests uncomfortable. In addition, we are not able to police the firearms (i.e. check each firearm if they are legally permitted).

Thus, we don't allow firearms on property.


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