Certified B Corp

Current Status of Application:
Received B Corp Certification – March 14, 2024

Keweenaw Resort, LLC, the owner of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, is a proud member of the B Corp community, which believes in business as a powerful force for good. [ Certified B Corp  ]

The Certified B Corp concept is based upon using business as a force for good. At the Lodge we are a purposeful organization built upon solid values that take into account multiple stakeholders, including team members, customers and guests, our community, and our environment. [ Learn more about Certified B Corp at B Labs. ]

Why are we striving to be a certified B Corp?

Individuals want to work for and with, as well buy from, businesses they believe in. B Lab’s B Corp Certification is a powerful way to build credibility, trust, and value for our business, and to provide us a guideline for continuing to be a business that does good.

Examples of certified B Corps

These and other B Corps believe: 

  • That we must be the change we seek in the world.
  • That all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered.
  • That, through their products, practices, and profits, businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.
  • To do so requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

(Source: The B Corp Declaration of Interdependence)

We look to do the same as we move towards being a certified B Corp.

A Process

As we work to improve the organization and adhere to the standards of being a B Corp, it entails a multi-step process. One of the steps is to go through the assessment each year, with the goal of scoring an 80 or above. The status of our assessment is shown above. There is also a step to become a “Pending B Corp”. We are working on that process at this time as well.


The B Impact Assessment is taken by organizations to determine if they are eligible for review by B Labs. An organization is required to score 80 or higher on their latest assessment to be eligible for review. Below are the annual B Impact Assessments that we have currently completed.


2022 Assessment of Keweenaw Resort, LLC (dba, Keweenaw Mountain Lodge)

Score: 80.3 (verification score, March 14, 2024)

Score: 90.8 (self assessment score, April 20, 2023)


View the KR – KML – Certified B Corp – 2022 Overall B Impact Score and 2022 Assessment Questions.

2020 Assessment of Keweenaw Resort, LLC (dba, Keweenaw Mountain Lodge)

Score: 37.1

View the KR – KML – Certified B Corp – 2020 Overall B Impact Score and 2020 Assessment Questions.

Application progress / schedule:

    • March 14, 2024: Received email indicating B Corp certification
    • February 15, 2024: Received email indicating that we passed the final verification review
    • February 8, 2024: Final verification completed
    • January 26, 2024: Provided answers to the questions from the Verification Review Call
    • January 18, 2024: Verification Review Call, with Alma Vázquez Jiménez
    • December 2023 & January 2024: Alma Vázquez Jiménez reviewed our application, and submitted additional questions for us to answer; we provided answers in their online system and added additional information in the verification assessment spreadsheet.
    • December 8, 2023: Submitted the Verification Assessment Spreadsheet
    • September 7, 2023: Moved to the Verification Queue
    • May 15, 2023: Created Corporate Resolution to confirm our focus on providing a positive impact
    • May 1, 2023: Entered the Evaluation Phase (with Tyler Wong)
    • April 20, 2023: Submitted B-Corp Application
    • 2022: Second self-assessment completed: 90.8
    • 2020: First self-assessment completed: 37.1

Corporate Resolution

We have drafted a corporate resolution supporting the organization having a purpose of creating a material positive impact on society and the environment. The resolution is officially recorded with the company’s official documents, being a signed corporate resolution by its sole member — approved and adopted on May 15, 2023 for Keweenaw Resort, LLC and on January 27, 2024 for KR Property I, LLC.

Northern Michigan University and Good for Michigan – UP Cohort

Part of cohorts 1 and 2.

With the cohort 1, Fall 2021, Braden Golisek and Anna Watson, NMU students did a report on KML.

Working with Delaney Quinn, NMU, on the 2022 assessment (as part of her internship).


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