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At the Lodge, we seek awesome people who bring fun, joy, and adventure to work each day. Our team members value integrity, honesty, positivity, and each other, while celebrating the history and future of the Lodge, the Keweenaw, and our environment. Each job opening is an entry-level position, and then individuals have opportunities to grow within the organization. This philosophy allows individuals to show their results within the Lodge environment and to more easily find their fit within the organization over time.

If you share these values (see our full set of team values), see the world like we do, and want to see how you might fit in at the Lodge, check out the job descriptions below.  You can meet the rest of the team here, and learn more about employee benefits here

Available Jobs

Outdoor Activities
Copper Harbor, Michigan
Posted 3 months ago


Hiring Process

We follow a multi-step process in our hiring process, which takes time. We do not hire fast, as we want to improve the probability that the person will be a good fit with the KML team and our values — which leads to an improved probability that people will be successful on our team and life, while also supporting the success of the organization.

  • Step 1: Submit application (making sure to include examples of how you live the values *)
  • Step 2: Email communications with a KML staff member.
  • Step 3: Individual interview with a KML staff member
  • Step 4: Team interview with multiple KML staff members
  • Step 5: Testlab (which can be 2-14 days)
  • Step 6: Hiring decision is made (allowing both parties to say yes or no about the future of working together)

Note: *In your application, if you just list your values rather than provide an example of how you live the values, your application will not be reviewed. Providing examples allows you to indicate how you put your values into actions in your life rather than just talking about your values.

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