Observation Deck – Hole 1 and Brockway Mountain

 Observation Deck – Hole 1 and Brockway Mountain


The observation deck will be a feature of the resort to provide a comfortable, level area to take in the iconic view down Hole 1 of the golf course and Brockway Mountain.


The goals of the project is to build an observation deck for lodging guests to enjoy:

  • The view of Brockway Mountain
  • The view of the golf course
  • Night sky viewing and have a level place to set up telescopes
  • Relaxing/reading on calm days
  • Wildlife/birding viewing
  • Photography
  • A space for outside dinners

 The deck/platform will also provide educational opportunities with interpretive signs:

Time Line:

• March 2023: The conceptual plan was started by Chris Guibert.

• April 2023: Discussions with a designer – decided to work on the initial design in-house.
• September 2023: First computer conceptual drawing was completed by Chris Guibert
• February 2024: Zoning permit application submitted to Keweenaw County
• March 2024: Zoning Permit issued


Observation decks around the country:



  • The deck will incorporate the parkitecture style of the Lodge. 
  • Deck will be handicap accessible
  • Initially it will be built on wooden footings.
  • Railings will use round logs similar to the OAC porch



  • Interpretive Signs: Interpretive signs will be added to provide educational topics.
    Possible sign topics

    • Night Sky Information
    • Geology of Brockway
    • History of the Golf Course
    • What am I looking at?
  • Scopes: An all weather viewing scope might be added.


  • The observation deck will be available for lodging guests to use throughout the day and night, weather permitting.


  • Acquire zoning permit
  • Hire a designer
  • Acquire a building permit
  • Have plans drawn up by a certified architect
  • Bid Job
  • Decide if we contract the project out or bid job
  • Move flag pole to a new location
  • Move historic tractor to new location
  • Prep Site 
  • Construct Deck


Zoning Permit:

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