Employee Housing Development on Property

We are working on building an employee housing complex on the Lodge property. Building a solid team at the Lodge is one of the key factors of being successful at the Lodge. With affordable housing difficult to find at the tip of the Keweenaw, providing an option for employee housing is one of the solutions for building a strong team.

We are working with Brian Majeski, Urban-Rural Design, to develop an employee housing complex. He understands the concept at the Lodge that we are working on, “marrying history with the future, to get to a vibrant and progressive present”.

He has been challenged to design employee housing to house up to 24 employees on property.

Below are several conceptual designs that have been drawn up to date for the structures, and the location of the structures.


The location of the employee housing is in between the cart barn and the Back-9 trailhead.

There are several options for orientation: Southeastern orientation and Southwestern orientation


“Marrying history with the future to get to a vibrant and progressive present.”

We are working on the conceptual design of the building structures, and how many there will be. We currently are playing around with 6-unit and 8-unit options.

The exterior architecture takes homage to the barracks at Fort Wilkins.

“I actually found the Fort barrack houses down by Copper Harbor as a very attractive, well proportioned gable structure. I wanted to grasp the shape and detail but flip the materials and color. It gives homage to those buildings, which are probably the most beautiful buildings in town, outside the main Lodge of course!

I then wedged a modern access and shared living space in between, bringing the local vernacular and a new mountain architecture into one cohesive structure.” — Brian Majeski

The floor plan of a 8-unit building provides for a common kitchen and 8 rooms in the building structure.

2022-11-17 Design Updates

Meeting between Hank, Brian, and John, on 2022-01-13.

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