Measuring Air Quality at the Lodge

Current Status:
Installed a Purple Air PA-II sensor on November 9, 2023
[ linked to website and on Purple Air Map ]

The Keweenaw / Copper Country / Upper Peninsula of Michigan has been known for having some of the best air quality in the United States. And some have said on earth. Below is a sign that was famous in the past that said the Copper Country had the purest and most vitalizing air on earth.

Good air quality is good health for visitors and residents in the Keweenaw. We look to measure the air quality and provide data to show the air quality at any given time at the Lodge — and compare that air quality to other areas (e.g. whee you are visiting from). 

To see the air quality at any given place in the United States, one can go to the following links:

A Purple Air  PA-II installed at the Lodge, November 9, 2023.

We are now talking with vendors that manufacturing air quality sensors.

We are looking at the following unit with a solar panel for measuring air quality at the lodge:

PurpleAir PA-II sensor installed on November 9, 2023. The power is from a power outlet on one of our street light poles. The sensor can be found on Golf Course Road, between the Lodge building and employee housing.

Additional maps:

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