Electric Vehicle Charging Station

We have contacted Telsa and Rivian about putting one or more of their electrical charging stations at the Lodge.

Email sent to Customer Service at Rivian on 2021-09-08: “We would be interested in finding out how we can get 1 or two Waypoint charging stations or two at our resort in the upper peninsula. It is the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, in Copper Harbor, Michigan — a historic resort at the top of the Keweenaw, focused on outdoor activities. It would be great to find out more info about if is possible to have these charging stations at the resort for guests and the general public.  Thank you.”

Conference call on 2021-09-20 with Jason and George at Rivian to learn more about the Rivian charging station network, and what it will take to get a charging station or two at the Lodge. [ Martin Mueller and John Mueller ]

Rivian sent a check list for Martin to take certain photos and videos for their engineers to figure out the requirements and set-up of their charging station on our property. They were submitted on 2021-09-29. Right now Rivian is having an internal evaluation and will confirm with Martin and John on what they conclude.

While the Rivian team is still working on the evaluation, George held a video call with Martin and John to update them on the progress and provide information on future tasks. The meeting topics included installation cost by the Rivian team, estimated time period of each project interval, and visualization of the proposed EV station. Martin and John asked questions on future proofing the charging station (going from a one port to a two port in the future) and options on installation cost (if the team wants to have a local technician do the installation). George answered the questions in a way have multiple options to approach this project. With this in mind, Martin and John are discussing the next steps while waiting for Rivian’s next update.

Below are a few images that were sent to Rivian as part of the Rivian Site Survey submission.

Rivian's Site Survey Guide
Proposed Rivian EV charging station located next to the VW Beetle. [New image with Rivian EV charging station placed at the location coming soon]
Distance from the proposed EV charging station to one of our electric rooms.

[ Last updated November 13th, 2021 ]