Minimum-night stays

Here at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, we require minimum-night stays for lodging guests: a 2-night minimum.

To understand this reasoning, first understand: we are a historic resort in the wilderness, at the top of the KeweenawCopper Harbor, Michigan.

When we say historic, we were established in 1934 via a WPA / CCC initiative, and we are on the state and national historic registers. It takes time to get to know and feel the history and purpose of the Lodge.

We are not easy to get to, which is one of the draws for people to come up to the Keweenaw and stay at the resort. We are a far drive away from most everything in the continental USA. Copper Harbor, Michigan is the furthest town away from any US Interstate Highway in the continental United States. 

We are a lodging resort, with multiple outdoor activities and operations year-round. This includes biking, golfing, hiking, snow-shoeing, and cross-country skiing.

To check-in at 3pm or later, sleep several hours, and then check-out by 11am the next day (spending less than 24 hours) does not provide ample time to detox from technology and engulf yourself in the beautiful surroundings that the Keweenaw has to offer.

If you can only make it for one night in the Keweenaw, there are other establishments that can accommodate you. If you find yourself back in the Keweenaw with more time to enjoy and unwind, we would love to be able to share what makes the Keweenaw and the Lodge special.

Updated 2022-01-28: Changed from a 3-night minimum for the winter to be a 2-night minimum stay. This means that there is a 2-night minimum stay year-round.


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