Private Dinners

The Tasting Post @ KML is for private dinners only

In the world of food, private dinners are special. The same is the case with private dinners in the dining room of the historic lodge building.

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is known for its WPA-era architecture, having been built during the great depression in the 1930s. Two majestic stone chimneys anchor the east- and west-side of the original 6,000 square feet of the lodge building. On the east-side, sits the dining room — The Tasting Post. This is where you are able to have a private dinner, catered to you by the Lodge’s Chef.

This is not a private room, but rather you will be in the Lodge’s historic dining room when the restaurant is not normally serving customers in The Tasting Post. The maximum number of people in the dining room for a private dinner is 12 persons on a given evening, with the minimum being 1 person. Thus, you will have the dining room by yourself or at most several other groups (depending on the Chef’s preference for a given evening). You feel like you have the place to yourself — nice and quiet — and a unique experience.

A private dinner brings our rustic worldly food to a new level of custom menu.

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Note: It is at the discretion of the chef to decide if she can do a specific private dinner. Thus, it is not guaranteed that she will be able to accommodate your request. It is best to call well in advance of the date(s) that you would like a private dinner at the lodge.

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