Usage of the Property for Organized Outdoor Activities

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge has 560 acres where one can recreate on. If you are going to use the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge property for an outdoor organized activity you are required to have a permit with the resort. And if you are going to have an organized event on the ground at the resort, there is a recreational facilities fee.

Commercial Recreational Use Permit

To use the property for any organized commercial use, you are required to have a permit. This permit is granted on an annual basis and must be submitted each year. Please note that your organization will be required to have a C.O.I. (Certificate of Insurance) that lists the Lodge as insured under your policy. There is a non-refundable application fee of $150, due at time of submittal; applications will not be reviewed until application fee is paid. This application fee helps to partially cover our administrative costs for reviewing your application.

[ Submit a Commercial Recreational Use Permit Application ] 

Recreational Facilities Rental 

If you are using the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge for an organized event / activity for you or an organization, the following fees are required to be paid:

KML Property1 DayUp to 3 Days
Staging Area*, Parking, Use of Bathroom Facilities$150$300
* staging area agreed upon by both parties (e.g. tennis court).

This does not include any usage of the indoor facilities at the Lodge except to use the bathrooms.

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