Current Status:
Cabins are OPEN and YEAR-ROUND, contactless check-in / check-out (see Lodging policies)
2-night min in summer, 3-night min in winter
Warm, cozy, and peaceful…
…our cabins are our signature feature.

Guests can enjoy history and charm in our cabins, which include 3-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms, and 1-bedroom.


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Our amenities include:

  • Queen sized beds
  • Mini-fridges
  • Microwaves
  • Fireplaces (wood or gas, depending on the cabin)
  • Outside grills (use charcoal only)
  • Pet friendly accommodations (see pet policy)
  • Water kettles (for hot water and tea) and Coffee makers (for coffee), with Keweenaw Coffee Works coffee and Fraser Tea provided.

There is a story behind the coffee that we have in the cabins from Keweenaw Coffee Works (learn more about the KML special blend), as we intentionally select our coffee suppliers.

*All cabins have at least one bathroom in them. All bathrooms have a shower, with most of them having a shower/tub combination.

We require a minimum-night stays: 2-nights in the summer, and 3-nights in the winter (find out why).

We do not have cable TVs (find out why), kitchens, or hotel phones in our cabins. 

The mattresses in the cabins are circa 2014. The couches and seats are circa 2005, so they are dated, but authentic. 

If you want to be connected to the outside world while you are at the resort, we do have Internet connection at the resort. However, realize, we are not in downtown Chicago, but in the wilderness as far north as you can go in Michigan. Thus the Internet speeds are not fiber speeds. You can connect to the Internet through our WiFi network, which has been setup throughout the Lodge building and the network of cabins. WiFi tends to be stronger the closer you are to the Lodge building. So if you are staying in a cabin further away from the Lodge building, the WiFi signal might be lower, and thus Internet connection slower.

Below is a map of the cabins on the property. Click on each cabin to see pictures of that respective cabin.  Of note: the 1-bedroom cabins are duplexes (meaning that each cabin structure has two units in it).

Cabin 1 Cabin 2 Cabin 3 Cabin 4 Cabin 5 Cabin 6A & 6B Cabin 7 Cabin 8A & 8B Cabin 9A & 9B Cabin 10 Cabin 11 Cabin 12 Cabin 14 Cabin 15 Cabin 16 Cabin 17 Cabin 18 Cabin 19 Cabin 20 Cabin 21 Cabin 22A & 22B Cabin 23 Cabin 24 Cabin 25

The entire property map can be seen below on the “Property Map” page. 

List of Cabins

Below is a list of the cabins based upon the number of bedrooms.  By clicking on the individual cabins you can see the outside and inside pictures of each respective cabin, along with the cabin layout. Cabins have wood-burning fireplaces unless indicated. The cabins were built in 1934 and 1935, except for cabins 6 and 22 (which burned down and were rebuilt in a different style in the 1980s and 1990s).

Note: During the summer, all the cabins are open. During the winter, only the golf course-side cabins are open (cabins 1-14, make a winter reservation).

If you are renting a cabin with an outside grill, can look into our Grilling Kits

3-bedroom, 1-bathroom cabins (up to 6 people can stay in the cabin)

  • Cabin 1  (gas fireplace) — outside grill
  • Cabin 21  (gas fireplace) — outside grill

2-bedroom, 2-bathroom cabins (up to 4 people can stay in the cabin)

2-bedroom, 1-bathroom cabins (up to 4 people can stay in the cabin)

1-bedroom, 1-bathroom cabins (up to 2 people can stay in the cabin)

  • Cabin 2  — Honeymoon Suite, with a hot tub, wood fireplace, single structure — outside grill
  • Cabin 6 A&B — wood fireplace, handicap accessible, duplex — outside grill (shared with cabin 7)
  • Cabin 8 A&B — gas fireplace, duplex — outside grill (shared with cabin 9)
  • Cabin 9 A&B — gas fireplace, duplex — outside grill (shared with cabin 8)

The 1-bedroom cabins are duplexes, with 2 units in each cabin structure.

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