TVs — Not what we are about

If you are coming to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge to watch TV, then you have probably booked in a resort that isn’t for you.

Since last October, we have worked with DirectTV to try to upgrade our system from analog to digital.  However, they never sent anyone up to make the upgrades; but rather, would push the responsibility on us to do the site survey and tell them what equipment was needed.  This resulted in many of the TVs in the cabins not having access to DirectTV — thus not being usable. 

At the same time, the new owner was disappointed with how technicians had installed 12 satellites on our property in the past, resulting in unsightly wiring between the cabins at the Lodge.

After 9+ months of numerous calls and being told things were going to get fixed, we have become exhausted in working with DirectTV. We have evaluated that it is best for us to focus more on the wilderness experience and building out a Wifi network throughout the cabins and the Lodge. 

Thus, yesterday, after trying to work through the issues and headaches with DirectTV, it was agreed with DirectTV that we would cancel our service with them. The result, DirectTV was completely turned off from the Lodge as of midnight last night. 

This year we have not advertised we had DirectTV, as that was not one of our selling points at the Lodge. Our core selling points at the Lodge are the wilderness and the history of the Lodge.  Thus, our target market are guests that want to enjoy the Keweenaw wilderness, and take in a historical resort that was built as part of a WPA project in 1934.

We understand that it might be an inconvenience to not have a TV available for a program you just cannot miss or just to do something if it’s rainy.  As we build out the WiFi network on the property, it will become more readily available in the cabins.  Plus, our team is happy to provide plenty of information on area activities or board games. If TV is a major deal breaker, there are a number of establishments in Copper Harbor that have TV service.

Thus, if you have already booked with us and require TV to enjoy life, before you check-in you are free to cancel your reservation at any time, free of charge.

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  1. I have visited Copper Harbor many, many times and have stayed in a cabin at the Lodge…who has time to watch TV? There are so many things to do and see, I am always exhausted at the end of the day and do not miss having a television! Hats off to you for your decision!

  2. Never had a TV at our cottage at Bootjack. Who wants TV when there is so much beauty to experience. Kids need to experience
    Reading on rainy day…..and family

  3. Direct TV is impossible to work with, but in our family we find that they respond quickly if you contact the FCC. I don’t think you need TV, but building out the wi-fi is a good priority!

  4. I have no problem with this decision, but I would like to see the WiFi network be sufficient enough to support streaming.

    Also, I like to visit in October to see the fall colors, and the days are short. It tends to be an older crowd in the fall. It might not be a bad idea to provide TVs, a DVD players, and access to a decent DVD library for a small fee. I imagine a few people might take advantage of this option. Also, it is always possible to have a rainy day, in which case sitting by the fireplace and watching a movie is a pretty nice option.

  5. There is the subject of “truth in advertising “. If you say you have amenities for instance wireless internet and TVs and then pay the $200 plus for a room without either, it leaves you wondering. Why not just advertise that it’s a nostalgic experience without internet in the cabins or tv? I stay at Asilomar in Monterey and I know what to expect because that is how it is advertised.
    You might want to check 17A in the room where the water heater is. We noticed wood shavings there. Critter?

    1. Nora, thank you for the suggestion. The Asilomar resort is an interesting resort.

      Re: Internet / WiFi — WiFi has been in the cabins this summer, and we continue to build out the network, in efforts to decrease the dead-zones (the logs in the log cabins are one of the barriers we are working through). However, that said, most cabins should have WiFi access. So to find out that you didn’t have WiFi connection in Cabin 17a during your stay is troubling. We continue to look into the improvements of the WiFi build out within the cabins, and Internet connection with the WiFi network.

  6. We rarely watch television at home, so no problem for us. Congratulations for doing this!

  7. I do not appreciate the way you have characterized people staying at the mountain lodge who want a tv in their cabins. That does not mean we do not enjoy nature, exploring things, appreciate being here in such a fantastic place. Don’t even go there! What does that have to do with TVs in the cabins? Now because you’ve improved the WiFi -everyone will be on their cell phones 24/7. What’s the difference-tv or cell phones? I just don’t get it! The bottom line is -don’t judge people! Let them come + stay @ KML+ enjoy every single moment they are here-in whatever way they choose. Please know I love the KML-have been staying here for years+want only the best for everyone.

    1. Coletta, thank you for your response.

      We are not judging people. Rather, we are informing people what we are doing and why we are doing it so they can make better decisions on where they want to stay and spend their time.

      The Lodge isn’t here to cater to everyone — if we cater to everyone, we cater to no one. Thus, we are focusing on our target market, and letting people know accordingly. That will help us provide excellent products and services to those individuals accordingly, and let people make better decisions. As a result, the guests that do decide to stay with us because of the products and services we offer will be happier, and the staff at the Lodge will be happier (and that leads to even happier guests — happiness is magnified).

      In the end, we continue to try to make services and amenities better, step by step. In doing so, we focus on services that are priorities for our target market, and less focus on those products and services that aren’t.

  8. I have been a guest at The Lodge many times for a number of years. Watching television is certainly not high on our priority list when we visit Copper Harbor. The numerous outdoor activities available are the main objective of our annual trips. That being said, we definitely enjoy watching a sports event or the news on tv at night in the cabin. I understand the difficulties dealing with a large company like Directv. Have you contacted the FCC regarding the problems with them? There is also the option of Dish Network, which I have found to be more responsive with service than Directv. Surely there must be some solution to the issue other than completely eliminating television. Thanks.

  9. Not having cable tv would be fine if you had excellent internet access. However, not having either is a real disappointment, especially when there is a program or game that we want to watch in the evening,

    1. R. Meyer, thank you for your feedback. Yes, true.

      We continue to focus on building out the WiFi network — which is getting better on the property, as we work through how WiFi operates through the wooded property, and through the logs of the building structures. It is a step-by-step process to get the equipment setup properly and in place accordingly. As for the Internet connection in Copper Harbor in general, that is also a step by step process that our Internet provider is working on — as they build out their infrastructure in the Keweenaw.

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