Cabin 12

Welcome to Cabin 12

[Each cabin has its own unique quirks. Embracing these characteristics will enhance your stay.]

Cabin 12 was a WPA project during the Great Depression in 1936. The timber was locally sourced and the cabins were carefully hand built by local craftsmen.

To this day, the exterior of Cabin 12 is original.

[photo of exterior]

The interior of cabin 12 will transport you back in time with a modern flair.  The cabin walls and fireplace are original, but you may notice some newer upgrades.

Follow below to learn about cabin 12’s journey.

[photo of interior]

Upgrades and updates:

  • Installed a Rivian Level 1 EV charger on its front porch for guests who are staying in the cabin to use to charge their electric vehicle overnight. It was installed on October 30th, 2023. The plug is the same as the Rivian Level 2 EV charger, a SAE J1772 plug.

[Photo of Rivian charger]

  • Overtime, things wear out and need to be replaced — starting with the bathroom.

Cabin 12 description:

2 bedroom/1 bath cabin

Room Includes-

  • Private bathroom
  • 2 queen beds with linens
  • Living-room with wood fireplace; firewood provided
  • Mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, tea kettle (coffee & tea provided)
  • Wifi available
  • Rivian Level-1 Electric Vehicle Charger

*No in-room telephone, cable TV, kitchen or air conditioning (box fans available upon request)