Updates with the latest Executive Orders; Staying the course

Yesterday, the state of Michigan issued several executive orders related to the current health concerns. In these executive orders, restaurants, bars, and retail shops are allowed to open in the upper peninsula of Michigan this Friday, May 22nd. As part of the executive orders. there are guidelines which restaurants and bars are to follow to ensure safety of the staff and customers.

It is wonderful to see things opening up again, and that the state of Michigan is providing its citizens the ability to make decisions that lead to safe and healthy options for citizens of the state.

That said, we are not comfortable in opening up our restaurant and bar to dine-in at this time. We opened dining services this year on April 30th with our take-out operations, and we will continue to offer food take-out at least through May, and possibly longer (no dine-in). This allows us to focus on improving the different aspects of our food and beverage operations, and to staff according to the plan we put in place back in March when executive orders started being implemented. We are staying the course, and working to be stable and safe with our operations — which can be difficult when new executive orders change the rules under which one can operate.

Our lodging is open (cabins), and you can see our lodging policies in order to see how we keep our staff and guests safe and healthy.

The golf course is currently not open, as we pushed the opening date back to June 1st.

We do have guests on property where they are enjoying the outdoors — in the form of hiking, running, disc golf, and mountain biking. For example, this Saturday we will be doing a dry run of our Back 9 Endurance race. Come out and have a take-out box, eat at a picnic table, and enjoy a run, a hike, or a ride. Our take-out menu for this weekend will be posted on Thursday morning (see hours of operations for food take-out and specialty coffees).

We want everyone to continue to be safe and healthy. Please make quality decisions for your life, and be respectful of others and the decisions they make to be safe and healthy.

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