Golf Course opening date pushed back to June 1st

The opening date for the golf course this season has been pushed back. Initially the date to open for the 2020 season was Tuesday, May 19th. That date has been pushed back to June 1st.

The golf course is not ready for play. We still have areas on the golf course where we want to improve the turf, and areas where we are cleaning up debris caused by winter weather.  In addition, we are still working on how we feel comfortable in operating the golf course for guests during the current health concerns and executive orders that have been issued for the state of Michigan.

Below are pictures of what we are seeing on the golf course as of yesterday (Sunday, May 16th). The grass might look good from a distance; however, we want to see stronger growth in order to provide a better experience on the tees, on the fairways, and on the greens for guests.

The course is looking good in areas:

In other areas, there is a need to allow the grass to grow or we need to work on removing the debris (otherwise it makes it difficult to find one’s ball).

And some snow is still holding on.

Pushing the date back also gives the wildlife more time to enjoy the course on their own terms.

Closed until June 1st (you can see the sign on the webcam):