Back 9 Endurance Run: What would have been a great race weekend

May 16 should have been the big day. The day of the inaugural Back 9 Endurance Run. However, due to health and travel concerns, we had to make the  decision to cancel this year’s race. 

It was a beautiful sunny day for running, and the special project we were working on in lieu of what should have been our inaugural race. Mariah Summers, Race Director and Events Lead at the Lodge, spent the day filming content out on the trails with Trail Genius. The content will be used in a Virtual Experience the Keweenaw, a series of online experiences featuring local adventure hot spots. It has narrative describing how the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge ties into the trail running, hiking, and mountain biking adventures in Copper Harbor and the Keweenaw. The filming, done on the Back 9 trails, shows the entire trail system. There are many different views and terrain showcased throughout the filming.


While we weren’t able to hold the race this year, we are working on making next year’s race even better! Next weekend, May 23, the Back 9 course will be set up at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. The course will be up all day, so come any time, on your own time, and give it a go! It’s a great opportunity to preview the course. Come the 2021 race, you will know what’s in store for you! We would also appreciate feedback on the course (markings easy to follow etc.). All of the information we gather we can use to improve the race for next year. 

The route offers great views of Brockway Mountain as you run towards the golf course segment of the course. This time of year there are no leaves yet on the trees. As a result, your loop around the Little Loon trail will reward you with views of Lake Superior in all of her glory! 

Please visit the Back 9 Endurance Race website for all of the race and course details. 

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Last modified on May 19th, 2020 at 10:52 am