Social Media

[ Announcement: Slowing down on social media – 2022-12-15 ]

We have various social media channels for the resort, our activities / events, and our initiatives.

Social Media Strategy

We use social media to provide information, not to sell our services or products. The purpose of the social media accounts is to focus users back to our website, as our website provides the source of all our information. We do not communicate via social media, but communicate via online chat from our website, email, and in person.

For our online presence, our website is the core information center for our operations. The website is kept up-to-date. We utilize the social media platforms (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to provide quick snippets of information, which are linked to more detailed information on our website. Thus, if anyone wants to find out information about the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, the website is where they can find it. As well, one can always visit the Lodge to learn what is going on, and talk to staff members in person at the Lodge.


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