Brand Guide – Media Kit

Below are media files that can be used by the media when talking about the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  Explicit permission by the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge to use these materials must be granted prior to your use of any of the materials.  


Marketing Policy

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge has a set of values that we follow as a team, and we expect from our guests. In order to ensure that we are working with people that are aligned with our values we market in accordance with our values and to our target market. We do so based upon long-term growth, where we marry history with the future to obtain a vibrant and progressive present. This allows us a team and an organization to help our guests get closer to nature. Our marketing practices and strategies are transparent, as we make available in this section our marketing activities (e.g. advertisements, sponsorships, and more).

We believe that marketing should not take advantage of anyone’s personal data.  [ see our privacy policy ]


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