Why Do We Exist?

Why does the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge exist?

To provide guests in our target market a fun, joyous, and adventuresome wilderness experience so they can disengage from their everyday lives and be closer to nature.

13 Best U.S. Resorts for Reconnecting With Nature — Hot Springs, Hiking Trails, and Open-air Massages Included [ Travel+Leisure | Stephanie Vermillion, June 10, 2022 ]

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is listed in good company with fellow resorts that allow guests to connect with nature.

How is this done?

Through our lodging services, available outdoor activities, dining services, and education offerings.  Our decisions in how we offer these services are aligned with our values and marrying history with the future to get to a vibrant and progressive present.

What do we provide?

What sets us apart?

  • Our rustic facilities (cabins, main lodge) mixed with the historical nature of the property
  • Our access to the wilderness and outdoor activities
  • Our rustic worldly food concept
  • Our educational activities

Who is the lodge ideally for?

  • Individuals who value the history of the lodge and want to see it move forward, outdoor activities, and culinary experiences
  • Families, couples, and small groups

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