Social Media — Scaled Back the Activity the Last Quarter of 2022

Some of you might have noticed that we have not been as active on social media recently. We have made less than 3 posts in each of the last three months (September, October, and November — and this month, December) InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn as opposed to posting each day.

This has been intentional, as we feel that social media is creating a lot of unnecessary noise in people’s lives and we do not want to get in the middle of that noise. We want to be value added for people, not take away from their experiences in life. We strive to get people closer to nature. We do that by providing a quiet place in the wilderness, a dark sky at night, and more. It also means a quiet mind. Social media has gotten to the point where it is very much a distraction and is full of unauthentic messaging — leading to a noisy mind. We want individuals that are paying attention to our activities at the lodge to have a quiet mind, not a noisy mind.

As a reminder, we want to be clear with our message and not use social media as a marketing tool — rather, we use social media as an informational tool to direct people to the website and learn about the KML — where there is less noise and more authentic messaging.

Many social media channels these days are about marketing, which has caused people to become overwhelmed with information. As well, the social media channels are becoming more about saying “look at me” and making people look good (or look bad, which is an indication of poor intentions). We do not want to be associated with that crowd.

The amount of judgement that people are exhibiting on social media these days is immense. We do not want to be associated with judgement either. Judgement can be in the form of likes and dislikes, positive and negative comments. If you review our values, issuing judgment (be it good or bad judgment) does not align with our values. To live by our values, we should not exhibit judgment on anyone or anything. We should just “be”, and just “enjoy”. That leads to a fun.jouyous.adventuresome outcome — for our team, for our guests, for our community, and for our environment.

Thus, I pulled us back in terms of our social media posts over the past several months, and have posted only occasionally rather than each day. I feel that is the best thing for us to do at this point in time to stay true to what we want to be known for (our brand / image), and staying true to our values. This is against the trend of the current day, where many organizations and individuals are falling over themselves to post and post and post via their social media feeds. Thus, this decision is contrary to advice that people will give us, which is just fine — as we do not use people’s judgment to make decisions, but use our team’s values as our guiding light.

Over the next month or two, I will be looking into setting us up an account with a social media management tool (eg. Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc) to make it easier on us to manage our messaging on social media. Then we might ease back into an increase in social media activity again. Or choose to stay quieter.

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