2023 Dawg Daze Recap

The 3rd Annual Dawg Daze took place at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge on March 4, 2023.  Dawg Daze is an event that celebrates winter, trails, and dogs and is associated with the annual Copper Dog Festival. Dawg Daze also takes the opportunity to support the Copper Country Humane Society by accepting monetary and supply donations.

In keeping with the traditions of past Dawg Daze, three main events were held for dogs who brought their humans out to celebrate the day.  The Perimeter Dog Derby, The Dog Costume Contest, and the Best Trick were open to the public.  The winners were awarded a certificate and a Pooch Pouch containing 6 dog biscuits made in house by KML chef, Widad Mueller.  The 2022 Perimeter Dog Derby champion team Bobbi and Thor held on to their winning streak again this year with a skijoring time of 6 minutes and 25 seconds.  Second place went to Kay and Milford with a time of 8 minutes and 45 seconds.  Terry and Goose came in for third place with a time of 10 minutes and 40 seconds.  Roomba and Wesson, two canine brothers, won first place in the costume contest sporting matching cowboy costumes.  Second place in the costume contest went to Bug, a pug dressed as a beanie baby.  Third place went to Bugs and Monica who were dressed as Mickey and Minnie.  The most impressive trick was done by Wesson who was able to spin in circles for a delicious treat.  All the contestants were very good dogs and everyone walked away with treats for coming out to celebrate. 

The weather for the event was sunny and unseasonably warm with temperatures in the mid-30’s.  The trails were well groomed and offered a smooth race course for the skijoring teams.  Seven dog/human teams came out to enjoy a beautiful day on the trails.  The race is meant to be a light hearted competition for dog/human teams of all athletic abilities.  The rules are simple and few:

  1.  The race runs from 11 AM-1 PM.  Any teams on the course before or after those times will not have official times kept.
  2. Only one dog and one human at a time are allowed to make up a team.
  3. Dogs must be on a leash or harness tethered to their human at all times.
  4. A team is not permitted to leave the course during the timed event.

A team can complete the course as many times as they’d like.  The best time is the one kept for score.  

At 2:00 PM, everyone gathered at the front of the building under the porch for an awards ceremony.  Everyone was smiles and drools as awards and treats were presented and photos were taken.  

The Copper Country Humane Society donation table is set up in the Little Cabin Cafe area all week.  Anyone wishing to donate items or money or to learn more about how the Humane Society helps animals, can stop by the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge until Friday, March 10, 2023.  

We look forward to seeing our human and dog friends again next year for the Fourth Annual Dawg Daze in 2024.  Keep an eye on our calendar for future events. 


Last modified on December 21st, 2023 at 7:39 am