March 19, 2023: Northern Lights Photography Workshop Recap 

Nate Bett, professional landscape photographer and Cannon expert, once again delivered an excellent Northern Lights presentation during the March 2023 Photo Workshop at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

March 19, 2023 had a KP of just 0.38% and the sky was slightly overcast with clouds rolling in from the south. Chances of spotting the northern lights or a bright starry night sky were low, but the two guests that came for the workshop were still able to step out onto the golf course in Keweenaw’s International Dark Sky Park and practice their night sky photo techniques under Nate’s tutelage. This month’s participants used i-phones and a tripod to capture some great images of the western sky and the lodge with stars reflecting out from some clouds with the lodge and tree silhouetted against the skyline.

The photo workshops held at the Lodge take place each month and are available to members of the public as well as Lodge guests. During the workshop, Nate Bett delivers a presentation on the phenomenon of the Auroras and explains the optimal camera settings and techniques required to capture beautiful images of the night sky and all its wonder. Although Nate’s specialty lies with Cannon devices, he is also very knowledgeable with the camera settings on smart phones, Nikon, Sony, and other high tech cameras and equipment. Nate also touches on other photography techniques such as light painting, moving subject images, photoshop, and layering. He also provides guests with advice on the types of equipment that can be used to enhance the shots that they’re working toward capturing.

When guests come into the lodge for a workshop or another educational event, and they can step out into the world a couple hours later, and apply the knowledge they acquired, I know that we’ve done a great job. Every opportunity to refine their skills after that point is a personal endeavor. It feels good to be able to help plant the seed that allows people to grow closer to becoming who and what they want to become.

If you are interested in future photo workshops or other educational opportunities offered by the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, check out our calendar under the Events section of the website.

Visit the KML calendar for the 2023 Photo Workshop dates.

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