Weddings: Coping with planning during times of uncertainty and change

Here we are, at the start of the summer season in the Keweenaw. The beginning of May is a time of change, as businesses begin opening up, snow is melting, and the temperatures are warming up for guests to enjoy a superior Keweenaw summer and fall season. A change that creates warmth and vibrancy in the Keweenaw.

However, this year has taken an interesting twist. Executive orders are restricting many businesses in Michigan. To stay safe, citizens in Michigan and around the country are being advised to stay home. Normal Keweenaw vibrancy has been dampened and postponed.

This is contrary to what normally occurs during the month of May at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. We are normally ramping up for a summer season. And this wasn’t any different this year, as we had many weekends full of events and weddings. 

We had events and weddings scheduled for every weekend from May until the end of October. In order to allay health concerns and stop the spread of a disease, events in May have been cancelled. We have had several cancellations in June, and we continue to monitor the status for July – October weddings at the Lodge.

Instead of greeting happy and joyful brides, grooms, and their supporting wedding parties, we are now advising and counseling wedding parties about their options for weddings and what we are seeing happening during these times of uncertainty caused by a pandemic and governmental executive orders. Our focus at the Lodge is on celebrating a couple’s most special moments together. Seeing those moments disappearing is disheartening. 

However, not all is lost! The current health crisis might have dampened the spirit and enthusiasm surrounding weddings; however, there might be an end in sight and the future awaits — whether it is in your own backyard, or here in the Keweenaw.

 The sun continues to rise daily in the East, and brightens each and every day. You can do the same! We still have a plan to have a great season, and are executing on that plan. We positively look forward to each and every day, and we want everyone to do the same as they continue to look forward to their special event. We want to find ways for you to have a fun, joyous, adventuresome, and also safe and healthy, experience! To keep wedding planning on track, we will make necessary changes, and we will continue staying positive.

That said, how do the current changes in our environment affect the wedding couple? To put your mind at ease, the result is a positive change.

 It is a  difficult decision you are facing, and we want to be here to ease that decision making process. We can help you make decisions on scaling down your wedding, whether virtual options would fit your situation, or help you find and book a new date that will work for you and your other vendors. Try thinking about what aspects of your wedding are non-negotiable as it relates to the current restrictions in your area. That can help paint a clear picture of whether a new date or cancellation is necessary, or if you can mold your existing wedding to fit the proper criteria. We know you are watching the news, staying up late reading articles from wedding industry experts, and just generally existing in panic mode. Committing to a decision is the best thing to calm your mind and move forward. 

Of course, what we all want is for you to be able to keep your original wedding date as planned. We will do whatever we can to make that happen. Our refund policies are flexible during this uncertain time. We know that we are not the only vendor on your list of contacts, and that you are trying to keep up with and coordinate several different vendor policies. We will be able to offer you a plated dinner versus a buffet, at no extra charge. Or, provide servers for your buffet to minimize guest contact as much as possible. We will be able to offer sanitizing supplies, masks, and gloves. Instead of pre-set tables we will offer rolled silverware. We will try to accommodate any special requests you have to help you and your guests feel comfortable and able to have a great time. 

However you choose to proceed with your planning, the most important thing is that you are starting a life together. Take the time with your fiancé to do something special that reminds you of why you fell in love and why you are getting married. Whatever that union looks like now, in the end, you will have a beautiful future to look forward to together. 



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Last modified on May 16th, 2020 at 4:35 pm