2019 Men’s Golf League regular season results; Top teams in the playoff

Yesterday the Men’s Golf League finished up the regular season play.  Below are the final results for the regular play portion of the season.

RankPlayer 1Player 2PointsW-L-D
1Bruce CoppoRyan Patrick88-0-0
2Josh MorleyTony Schwenn5.54-1-3
3Al SalmelaJoe Langdon54-3-2
4(t)Rob BohlsonStu Peterson4.54-4-1
4(t)Ron OjaGlen Patrick4.54-3-1
6Joel TouriniemiPaul Ketola43-3-2
7(t)Ben KilpelaDon Kipela3.53-4-1
7(t)John MuellerBill Alband3.53-4-1
9Jeremy RoweKyle Cinelli32-5-2
10Reid RastelloPaul Mihelich2.52-5-1
11Ron KetolaDon Kilepa Jr11-7-0
Final results for the 2019 Men's Golf League regular play

Morley / Schwenn had 5.5 points and were in 2nd place. However, they have decided to forfeit their place as both Morley and Schwenn will be out of town during the time period of the playoffs. 

With Morley and Schwenn not playing, that resulted in a tie for 3rd place.  Rather than having a playoff to get into the playoff, we will have 4 teams play in the playoff matches.

With 4 teams in the playoffs, we won’t have a round-robin for the playoff, but rather have a bracket format.

Below are the top 4 teams that will play in the playoffs:

  1. Coppo / R. Patrick (8 points)
  2. Samela / Langdon (5 points)
  3. Bohlson / Peterson (4.5 points)
  4. Oja / G. Patrick (4.5 points)

….And here are the playoff matches:

  • Match 46: Coppo / R. Patrick vs Oja / G. Patrick
  • Match 47: Samela / Langdon vs Bohlson / Peterson
  • Match 48: Consolation Match — Match 46 Loser vs Match 47 Loser
  • Match 49: Championship Match — Match 46 Winner vs Match 47 Winner

These matches can be played anytime between August 22nd and September 5th, and should be arranged by each team to find a time that is conveniently to play.

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