2019 Men’s Golf League Playoff Day 1 results

Yesterday the Men’s Golf League played the first day of playoffs with the 2 matches. Below are the results of the 2 matches:

Match #ResultsTeamvsTeamResults
463 UpCoppo / R. PatrickOja / G. Patrick
472 UpSamela / LangdonBohlson / Peterson

Coppo / R. Patrick won their match against Oja / G. Patrick, and Samela / Langdon won their match Bohlson / Peterson.  Coppo / R. Patrick will play Samela / Langdon in the championship match next week.  Oja / G. Patrick / Bohlson / Peterson will play in the consolidation match next week.

Below are the Championship and Consolidation matches which will be played September 4th:

Match #ResultsTeamvsTeamResults
48 - Championship Match1 UpCoppo / R. PatrickSamela / Langdon
49 - Consolidation MatchDNPOja / G. PatrickBohlson / PetersonDNP

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