Pro shop building closed for rest of season; Check-in for golf at the front desk

For the rest of the 2019 summer season, golfers will check in and pay for green fees and carts at the front desk in the Lodge as we are closing the Pro Shop building for the rest of the season.

The reason is that we lost our pro shop attendant, Taylor Mills, to an injury this past weekend. He threw out his back. After going to the doctor, the diagnosis is that he will be out at least 4 weeks if not more. We hope he gets better soon.

In addition, in late July and early August, we had two other individuals move on: Naya and Harrison — for school, soccer, and another job.

From our operations perspective, we decided to not look for a person to run the Pro Shop as we only have 5-6 weeks left in the season. And with golf being a secondary priority to our operations at this stage of our transition, it was best to close the Pro Shop building and bring the operations to the Lodge building.

The Pro Shop had been closed the last two seasons, and at the beginning of this season (May and June). We opened up the Pro Shop in early July, which means we tested out having the building open for 7 weeks this summer season. It went very well having the Pro Shop open during that time, as golfers were able to spend more time on the course and we could focus on lodging and food/beverage guests in the Lodge building. As well, we were able to service golfers more readily.

We now have data and feedback for what we can do next year with the Pro Shop.


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