Men’s and Women’s Golf League: Week of Aug 19th

We missed posting the weekly League updates the last two weeks via our blog. August has been busy with other activities at the Lodge, and we did not focus our efforts on posting the League updates.  This blog post gets us up to date on the League activities.

This week, the week of August 19th, marks the 10th week of the Men’s and Women’s golf league for the 2019 summer season. This is the last official week of each League, as we have reached 10 weeks with the League (we started during the week of June 10th).

The Women’s Golf League continues to be a relaxing outing of golf, as we have have 7-10 women play each week.  After the recent rain, Tuesday should bring a refreshing day of golf.

The Men’s Golf League will meet for the final time with all the teams at 5pm, Wednesday, August 21st.  The overall current results can be found on the league page. The top 3 teams after the August 14th matches are: 

Coppo / R. Patrick (6 points)
Bohlson / Peterson (4.5 points)
Oja / G. Patrick (4.5 points)
Morley / Schwenn (4.5 points)

[ Complete standings can be found here ]

For this Wednesday, see the link to see who you are playing during this last week of regular league play.

After this week, we will have a playoff with the top 3 teams (on August 28th and September 4th).  These 3 teams will play each other to determine the winner of the 2019 summer season for the Men’s Golf League.

We enjoyed the league play this week, and are happy that golfers were able to enjoy the course this season on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.



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