2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest Winners

In February 2022, we announced the 2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest was open for photographers to submit up to 3 of their photos that related to the Keweenaw. As in 2019, we were overwhelmed by the shared talent and interest in showcasing the Keweenaw region.

We received 103 submissions, which we narrowed down to photos that satisfied the criteria set forth in the contest rules, leaving us with 99 submissions. Our staff took the time to review each of the photos and made final selections of the images that we thought best showcased the beauty and history of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  It was a tough process to have to say no to many of the interesting and wonderful photos. We have reached out via email to all photographers who did not have an image selected.  

With no further ado, here are our 2022 winners! A few of these photographers have more than one photo that was selected. If you see your name below, we have already emailed you; so please check your provided email address for more information. We want to offer a huge thanks to all of you who submitted!

  • Nathan Frazier: Quincy Dredge No. 2 – Torch Lake, MI; Rainbow Over Bare Bluff – Russell and Miriam Grinnell Memorial Nature Sanctuary, Copper Harbor, MI
  • Chris Guibert: Eagle River Falls – Eagle River, MI; Lac La Belle – Grant Township, MI
  • Joe Hall: Northern Lights Lake Superior – Brockway Mountain; Milky Way with Jupiter and Saturn Over Eagle Harbor Marina – Eagle Harbor, MI
  • Jim Hay: Eaglet at Gratiot Lake; Keweenaw County, MI
  • Nicholas Jensen: Sunset on the Copper Harbor Lighthouse – Copper Harbor, MI
  • Margret Keats: Ice Wave – Goodell Road, Eagle Harbor, MI
  • Nathan Miller: Snowshoeing at McClain State Park – McLain State Park, MI
  • Frank Mittelstadt: Boreal Owl – Mount Bohemia 
  • Rob Mohn: Brockway Mountain
  • Chelsea Murawski: US 41 in MandanMandan, MI
  • Bill Parthun: Calming Waves Over Horseshow Bay – Copper Harbor, MI
  • Jeremey Rodriguez: Hunter’s Point – Copper Harbor, MI; Swedetown – Calumet, MI
  • Paul Rose: Fishing on Lake Medora – Lake Medora, MI
  • Jeremy Rowe: Northern Lights by Agate Harbor – Keweenaw County, MI
  • Christopher Schmidt: Lightening Storm Over Lake Superior – McClain State Park, MI
  • Mark Upton: Pancake Ice – 5 Mile Point
  • Cassandra Wagner: Top of Mont Ripley – Houghton, MI

If you have any questions about the process we followed in selecting the photos, please do not hesitate to contact lucas@keweenawresort.com.

These photos will be printed on wood by Unrefined Art in Niles, Michigan, and then hung in the cabins and other areas around the resort. .

Note: We did not include the photos in this announcement, as we want to make sure our valued photographers agree to show their photos online (i.e. ensure we are following copyright).

Lucas is honored to serve as the Operations Lead at the Lodge, ensuring the departments are working together, organizational values are consistently shared and practiced, and working to guide the organization’s long-term viability. Combining over 20 years of K-12, higher education, and, food services experiences in Indiana, Maine, Maryland, and Alaska, Lucas is committed to living out and sharing the Lodge’s team values that lead to the main team values of fun, joyous, adventuresome. Additionally, he is always up for a conversation about the wonderful history and evolution of the Lodge!


2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest Concluded; Reviewing Photos

We would like to thank all the individuals that submitted photos for the 2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest.

There were a total of 103 photos submitted from more than 42 individuals.  Of the 103 photos, 99 of the photos matched the criteria that was requested (in the Keweenaw) and were only 3 photos per individual.  This is a great showing.  It is wonderful to see this enthusiasm from the community, and we look forward to reviewing the photos that were submitted. 

For the next step, several members of the KML staff will review the submissions, with the goal of selecting up to 21 photos to be printed on woodprints.  These woodprints will be hung in the KML cabins.

For those photos that are selected, we will send an email to let the owner know the next step, which will include providing a high resolution copy of your photo.  Winners will be notified by the end of the month, with a high resolution photo to be provided shortly there after.

Lucas is honored to serve as the Operations Lead at the Lodge, ensuring the departments are working together, organizational values are consistently shared and practiced, and working to guide the organization’s long-term viability. Combining over 20 years of K-12, higher education, and, food services experiences in Indiana, Maine, Maryland, and Alaska, Lucas is committed to living out and sharing the Lodge’s team values that lead to the main team values of fun, joyous, adventuresome. Additionally, he is always up for a conversation about the wonderful history and evolution of the Lodge!

2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest

[ Deadline March 1, 2022 ]

We are holding our 2nd photo contest. Our 2019 photo contest was a success, where we had some wonderful photos submitted and selected to be hung in the cabins [  See the results from 2019 ]

We are looking for the 2nd batch of photos (21 photos) which we can print on wood, and hang in the historic cabins and other high visibility locations at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

Rather than calling upon our own archives, we thought we would put a call out to the talented pool of photographers that actively take photos of the lovely and rugged Keweenaw.

Submitted photos will be included in a pool and reviewed by the staff at the Lodge to determine which 21 photos will match well in the cabins and Lodge. We have targeted 42 spots to hang photos at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.  Thus, each photo will be printed twice, and hung in two different cabins and/or the Lodge building.

Below is are examples of how photos look on woodprints:

If you are interested in submitting a photo, please complete the form below and provide a low-resolution copy of your photo. If your photo is selected, we will request a high-resolution version of the photo at that time (to be provided by March 7,  2022 March 14, 2022).

If you are wanting to submit more than one photo, submit the form multiple times. You can submit up to 3 different photos.  If for some reason you lose count of how many photos you have submitted, we will take the last 3 photos you have submitted.

The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2022.

If your photo(s) is selected, we will print the photo(s) and hang it at the resort.  You will retain the rights to the photo, and the Lodge does not have the right to resale or use the photo for other than the purpose of having the photo hung in the cabins or around the Lodge.

Photo credit will be shown on each print, providing the Lodge guests and visitors information on who took the photo.

In addition, if at least one of your photos is selected, we would like to offer you a two-night stay in the cabin where your photo is being hung and highlighted for guests.


Submission Form

[ The deadline has passed for submitting photos, and thus the submission form has been turned off. Thank you to all the individuals that submitted their photos. ]


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for submitting a photo?

For the photo to be considered, it must have been taken in the Keweenaw, as we are looking to highlight the Keweenaw for guests that are staying at or visiting the Lodge.

How many photos can I submit?

You can submit a total of 3 photos. If you forget how many photos you submitted, and for some reason, you submit more than 3 photos, then we will take the last 3 photos you submitted.

Can I submit a painting?

No. For this submission, we are looking for only photos.

Who will be deciding which photos will be selected?

The staff at the Lodge will be making the decisions on which photos to include in the 21 photos that will be printed and hung in the cabins and / or Lodge.

When will we know if our photo(s) was selected?

We will start to review the photos after March 1, 2022, and will send out an announcement to those that submitted photos by March  5, 2022.

If my photo is selected, when do I need to provide a hi-resolution version of the photo?

As part of the original submission, a low-resolution version of your photo was provided. If your photo is selected, you will be requested to provide a hi-resolution version of the photo by March 7, 2022.

Will you be paying each photographer a fee for her/his photo?

No, we will not be paying a photography fee — so no cash reward.  We understand that this might dissatisfy some photographers.  If that is the case, we understand if you would rather not submit your photos in that case.

….so what benefit do you get in having your photo selected to be printed and hung in the cabins at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge?

If your photo is selected, we will print your photo on a woodprint made in Michigan. We will print 2 copies as it will be hung in 2 different cabins or around the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. The prints will have your name on them (e.g. Photo Credit: <your name>).  This will give you exposure to Lodge visitors or guests that stay in the cabins which your photos are hanging.  In addition, we will provide a 2-night stay for free in the cabin in which your photo is hanging….so you can see how your photo looks in the cabin. [ dates for your stay should be between May 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023 ]

For further questions?

Send an email to info@keweenawresort.com.

Microwaves in the cabins this season (an experiment)

In the past we have not allowed microwaves in the cabins. The reason was for environmental purposes, energy consumption reasons, and health and smell reasons.

However, now that we have limited dining services during the 2021 summer due to a labor shortage in the hospitality / food and beverage industry, we understand that it impacts the food options available that lodging guests have in Copper Harbor. Thus, we have been looking into other options to assist with  meal options for our lodging guests. One of them is to now being able to use microwaves in the cabins. 

The cabins are historical, having been built in 1934. These cabins were built during the great depression under the WPA / CCC projects which were established to help alleviate unemployment during the great depression. As a result, the resort (including the cabins) is on the National Register of Historical Places.

In making this decision to allow microwaves in the cabins, we want lodging guests to appreciate the historical nature of the cabins, and understand that the infrastructure of the cabins (e.g. the plumbing) is still historic and fragile in nature. Thus, lodging guests will need to make sure that no food is washed down the sinks of the cabins.

In addition, we need to be cognizant of smells – as the logs and furniture could absorb food smells (similar to if persons were smoking in the cabins), and make it difficult to ensure the cabins smell fresh for each lodging guest.

The microwaves are not generic standard microwave. Rather, the microwaves are retro in design to keep with the historical nature of the cabins (two colors: red and aqua). This is also similar to the retro mini-refrigerators we have in the cabins.


The microwaves will be delivered mid-June, and placed in the cabins by late June.

Having microwaves in the cabins will be a test this year to see how they work, and will decide later in the year if we keep the microwaves in the cabins or not based upon various factors.

We will also be increasing the number of grills on property this summer, and offering grilling kits.

Why we have a minimum night stay

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is located in a vibrant and beautiful wilderness.

Here in the Keweenaw we are in a remote part of the state of Michigan as well as the country. The Lodge is located just outside of Copper Harbor, which is known for being the furthest town from an interstate road in the lower 48 states.

We have some of the most beautiful areas and sites to visit in Michigan. Coming here to enjoy and experience all the Keweenaw has to offer is a true experience to be had and can’t be done in a single day. The Keweenaw offers hiking, biking, kayaking, golf and so much more.

At the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge we want your experience here to be memorable and for you to have the ability to enjoy the time you have in this beautiful place we call home. Guests come from far and wide to disconnect and explore the wilderness. Staying a minimum of two nights allows guests to explore more, play more and discover the wilderness right outside your cabin door. When guests stay a single night checking in midday and then checking out mid morning the following day doesn’t allow them to experience the Lodge and what it has to offer.

Stay a few days with us and discover why so many others have come to relax, enjoy and experience the lodge for 80+ years. Learn about the history and rustic atmosphere of the lodge and the reason guests return year after year. Bring your friends and family and enjoy being outside together and detox from technology in the fresh air and beautiful scenery.  

-Fun, Joyous, Adventuresome-

Minimum-night stays

Here at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, we require minimum-night stays for lodging guests: a 2-night minimum.

To understand this reasoning, first understand: we are a historic resort in the wilderness, at the top of the KeweenawCopper Harbor, Michigan.

When we say historic, we were established in 1934 via a WPA / CCC initiative, and we are on the state and national historic registers. It takes time to get to know and feel the history and purpose of the Lodge.

We are not easy to get to, which is one of the draws for people to come up to the Keweenaw and stay at the resort. We are a far drive away from most everything in the continental USA. Copper Harbor, Michigan is the furthest town away from any US Interstate Highway in the continental United States. 

We are a lodging resort, with multiple outdoor activities and operations year-round. This includes biking, golfing, hiking, snow-shoeing, and cross-country skiing.

To check-in at 3pm or later, sleep several hours, and then check-out by 11am the next day (spending less than 24 hours) does not provide ample time to detox from technology and engulf yourself in the beautiful surroundings that the Keweenaw has to offer.

If you can only make it for one night in the Keweenaw, there are other establishments that can accommodate you. If you find yourself back in the Keweenaw with more time to enjoy and unwind, we would love to be able to share what makes the Keweenaw and the Lodge special.

Updated 2022-01-28: Changed from a 3-night minimum for the winter to be a 2-night minimum stay. This means that there is a 2-night minimum stay year-round.


Lodging available this Winter, 2020-2021

Looking for that winter getaway? Ever been to Copper Harbor when the snow is flying with the winter chill in the air? Want to stay near trails and downhill skiing at Mt. Bohemia?

Come and join us at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge this winter for some great outdoor adventures during the day. Then spend a relaxing evening by the fireplace in your warm and cozy cabin. We have cabins this winter ranging in sizes with 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom cabins available, which have 1-2 living rooms and 1-2 bathrooms (with mini-fridges and coffee-makers, but no microwaves, no kitchens, and no TVs).

Yes, lodging will be open to the general public this winter at the historic Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. The Lodge has only been open for 2 winters in it’s existence prior to this winter (winter 2007 – 2008 and winter 2008 – 2009). This winter the cabins on the golf course-side are available to rent. See property map to see the location and pictures of each cabin. Each log cabin is unique.

We will be providing towels, linens and coffee during your stay. WiFi connectivity is available as well. All of our cabins have either a wood or gas fireplace, with firewood provided.

The cabin rentals are 3 and 4 night minimum rentals, starting either on Wednesdays or Thursdays each week (we aren’t renting the cabins on Sunday-Tuesday nights, as those dates are slated for housekeeping to clean the cabins — keeping with blocking a day before and a day after each reservation for health and safety concerns for the staff and guests). If you would like a week-long rental, call our reservation line at 906-289-4403 ext 1 for more information. Rates are available in our reservation system based upon the selected dates.

Take in the great outdoors here in the Copper country this winter for an experience to remember.

[ Make a winter reservation ]

Note: It has not been decided yet if food and beverage operations at the Lodge will be open for the winter. This posting is about the lodging (e.g. the cabins) being available during the winter. [ Update on September 15, 2020: food and beverage will be open during the winter — see the hours of operations ]


A second bathroom in the cabins this season

Adding a second bathroom has been a request of guests for sometime. As such, we have made changes.

As we get busy opening up all the cabins for the 2020 season, we converted most of our 1-bedroom / 1-bathroom duplex cabins into 2-bedroom / 2-bathroom cabins. This will allow guests with larger parties and couples looking to come together to have additional space and an extra bathroom. In addition, with the current health concerns, it provides the ability for guests to maintain distance between other guests if desired.

All the 2-bedroom/2-bathroom cabins come with:

  • 2 living rooms
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2 fireplaces

Some of the 2-bedroom/2-bathroom cabins have interconnecting rooms, meaning there is a door inside connecting the cabins to allow open access to both sides of the cabin (cabins 17, 18, 24, 25). We also have a few 2-bedroom/2-bathroom cabins that have a shared outer door with two separate doors inside to give privacy, however, still be in the same cabin unit as the other half of your party (cabins 4, 5, 7, and 23).

So when you are looking to book your stay with us, check out the different cabins available to you and what would fit best to make the most out of your getaway to the Keweenaw.

Click on image to enlarge

This is just another change at the Lodge that helps a fun, joyous, and adventuresome atmosphere.

Roofing Project: All cabins have new roofs

All the cabins at the Lodge now have new roofs. The golf course-side cabins (12 cabins*) had new roofs put on them in the spring of 2019, and this spring the roofing crew finished the 2nd phase of the project to ensure new roofs on the forest-side cabin (11 cabins).

In 2019 we started working on freshening up the resort, with an initial focus on deferred maintenance projects — projects that had been neglected in the past. One of those projects we started in the Spring of 2019 was replacing the roofs of the 24 cabin structures we have on property. The shingles were deteriorating, cabins were experiencing leaks, and moss was growing on the roofs.

In the Keweenaw, roofs are critical for the sustainability of a structure. Neglected roofs in the Keweenaw will result in both damaged roofs, as well as damaged integrity to the foundation of the structure. In our case, if a roof had fallen in, the logs would be damaged — either by rot or the weight of the fallen roof.

To show how much snow the Keweenaw gets, and how important strong roofs are, we can point to the 2019 winter season. During the 2019 winter season, we had close to 4 feet of snow on the forest-side cabins before we started to remove the snow. 4 feet of fresh snow equates to around 20 pounds per square foot. We had packed snow, which would mean there was probably twice as much weight on those roofs. That is a lot of weight to have on a roof. We were thankful that none of the cabin roofs fell in. It was also a testament to how well built these cabins were and the craftsmanship in the 1930s. [ And we have gotten better at snow removal this past winter. ]

There wasn’t much documentation about the cabin roofs; however, with our research, we deducted that the singles on the roofs hadn’t been replaced for at least 30 years. When we started on the roofs on the golf course side, we found that there were up to 5 layers (a combination of rolled-roofing and asphalt shingles). On the forest-side cabins we worked on this year, we found up to 3 layers of roofing.

In each of the 2 roofing phases, the roofers found interesting artifacts where the roofers in the 1930s left behind their names — carved their names into history at the resort.

Guests won’t notice much of a difference, as they expect cabins to have solid and strong roofs. However, they will notice that there will be less or no leaks when it is raining in the Keweenaw, and they are enjoying a fire in the fireplace of their cabin.

We thank Joe Goulette and his crew at JG General Contracting for the quality work they did on the roofs on the cabins. They respected the history and the significance of the structures they were working on. They took pride in their work.

* There are 13 cabins on the golf course side, but we only did 12 roofs in the spring of 2019. Cabin 4 didn’t need a new roof, as it was replaced in the past 5 years. A tree had fallen on cabin 4 several years back, and the roof was replaced at that time.

Open for the 2020 Summer Season

We are now open for the 2020 Summer Season. As of April 30th, we opened our dining services (take-out only). And as of May 1st, lodging is open again to the general public.

Our dining services are available for take-out only, as the state of Michigan is under an executive order that only allows restaurants to operate their take-out operations. This means we are not able to allow customers to eat in our dining room, nor in the bar, or at the cafe. Rather, customers purchase food from our take-out menu and are able to eat outside on the Lodge property, take the food with them on a hike,  or back to their homes.

During the month of May, we plan on having the take-out dining services open Thursday-Sunday (see hours of operations).  We will make modifications to the take-out menu each week in order to keep our menu fresh.  You can see the take-out menu we opened up with for the first weekend: April 30th – May 3rd menu.

You will discover we offer a limited menu, which is our style as we work to provide patrons authentic rustic food at Lodge.

Our lodging services opened up on May 1st again to the general public. We had 6 cabins open during the winter time for a limited group — friends, and friends of friends of the Lodge. This enabled us to test the cabin infrastructure in winter conditions, and help us make a decision to be open year-round with lodging.  On May 1st, we let the general public know they can stay in the cabins at the Lodge.  Over the course of the month we will open up more cabins. 

Both the dining services and lodging services are being operated according to the state’s executive orders, and in a manner that keeps both staff and guests safe and healthy.

The golf course is scheduled to open for play on May 19th. The golf course maintenance crew will be working to get the course playable by that date. The golf services team is setting up the operations that will enable golfers to book their tee times online (or over the phone), and pay their green fees online (or over the phone).  The golf course will be walking only, no carts, during the month of May.