2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest Winners

In February 2022, we announced the 2022 Keweenaw Photo Contest was open for photographers to submit up to 3 of their photos that related to the Keweenaw. As in 2019, we were overwhelmed by the shared talent and interest in showcasing the Keweenaw region.

We received 103 submissions, which we narrowed down to photos that satisfied the criteria set forth in the contest rules, leaving us with 99 submissions. Our staff took the time to review each of the photos and made final selections of the images that we thought best showcased the beauty and history of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  It was a tough process to have to say no to many of the interesting and wonderful photos. We have reached out via email to all photographers who did not have an image selected.  

With no further ado, here are our 2022 winners! A few of these photographers have more than one photo that was selected. If you see your name below, we have already emailed you; so please check your provided email address for more information. We want to offer a huge thanks to all of you who submitted!

  • Nathan Frazier: Quincy Dredge No. 2 – Torch Lake, MI; Rainbow Over Bare Bluff – Russell and Miriam Grinnell Memorial Nature Sanctuary, Copper Harbor, MI
  • Chris Guibert: Eagle River Falls – Eagle River, MI; Lac La Belle – Grant Township, MI
  • Joe Hall: Northern Lights Lake Superior – Brockway Mountain; Milky Way with Jupiter and Saturn Over Eagle Harbor Marina – Eagle Harbor, MI
  • Jim Hay: Eaglet at Gratiot Lake; Keweenaw County, MI
  • Nicholas Jensen: Sunset on the Copper Harbor Lighthouse – Copper Harbor, MI
  • Margret Keats: Ice Wave – Goodell Road, Eagle Harbor, MI
  • Nathan Miller: Snowshoeing at McClain State Park – McLain State Park, MI
  • Frank Mittelstadt: Boreal Owl – Mount Bohemia 
  • Rob Mohn: Brockway Mountain
  • Chelsea Murawski: US 41 in MandanMandan, MI
  • Bill Parthun: Calming Waves Over Horseshow Bay – Copper Harbor, MI
  • Jeremey Rodriguez: Hunter’s Point – Copper Harbor, MI; Swedetown – Calumet, MI
  • Paul Rose: Fishing on Lake Medora – Lake Medora, MI
  • Jeremy Rowe: Northern Lights by Agate Harbor – Keweenaw County, MI
  • Christopher Schmidt: Lightening Storm Over Lake Superior – McClain State Park, MI
  • Mark Upton: Pancake Ice – 5 Mile Point
  • Cassandra Wagner: Top of Mont Ripley – Houghton, MI

If you have any questions about the process we followed in selecting the photos, please do not hesitate to contact lucas@keweenawresort.com.

These photos will be printed on wood by Unrefined Art in Niles, Michigan, and then hung in the cabins and other areas around the resort. .

Note: We did not include the photos in this announcement, as we want to make sure our valued photographers agree to show their photos online (i.e. ensure we are following copyright).


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