Scorecard and Layout

Below are images and downloadable versions of the score card for the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge golf course.

The golf course was built in 1934, and designed by Ocha Potter.

Turf profile:

  • Greens: Bentgrass, and some poa
  • Tees: Bluegrass, with some bentgrass
  • Fairways: Bluegrass, with some bentgrass
  • Rough: Bluegrass, and a collection of native grasses
  • Native / Tree areas: a collection of native grasses

Note: The golf course sits on bed-rock, and there was not much rock and dirt moving done to create the design of the course since it was built in the 1930s. Nor has there been much top soil brought in to build up the ground profile. Thus, there is only about 2-3 inches of topsoil over much of the fairways.

On the image below, click on a hole to learn more about that hole.

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