Rental Golf Clubs

We rent golf clubs at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge to make it easier for guests to enjoy their travels to the Keweenaw. Golfers do not have to tote their clubs with them when they travel to the Keweenaw and want to play a round of golf during their visit to the resort.

Note: It is recommended that you reserve your rental clubs ahead of time, as we do have a limited number of rental sets.

The rental sets consist of Callaway golf sets, for men and women, and for right- and left-handed golfers (see rates).

Men’s Set (right- and left-handed)

Epic Speed / Max Driver
Epic Speed / Max 3-Wood
MAVRIK Irons: 4-iron thru Sand Wedge (steel shaft)
White Hot OG Putter

Women’s Set (right- and left-handed)

BB21 / Reva Driver
BB21 / Reva 5-Wood
MAVRIK Combo set: 2 hybrids, 5 irons (graphite)
White Hot OG Putter




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