Keweenaw Nature Sanctuary

The Keweenaw Nature Sanctuary has been established  to foster nature.

The Keweenaw Nature Sanctuary (KNS) is part of the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Property. The total acreage of the Lodge property is 560 acres, with the sanctuary being 275 acres of the resort. The nature sanctuary includes part of the Garden Brook Water Shed and parts of the north and south aspects of the Brockway Mountain Ridge. 

Biking, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing are allowed within the sanctuary. No motorized vehicles are allowed in the Keweenaw Nature Sanctuary ( except on Brockway Mountain Drive) without permission from the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. 

Hunting or trapping of animals is not permitted. Picking, digging, or collecting of plants, flowers, parts of plants, seeds, and mushrooms is not allowed in the Keweenaw Nature Sanctuary. Please note that any commercial use of the property must have a Commercial Recreational Use Permit.

Last modified on March 26th, 2024 at 10:11 am