New Donation Application Process Implemented

We receive a number of donation requests from organizations and individuals throughout the year. And we are very intentional in who we partner with, which is based upon our values and what we stand for at the Lodge. Thus, we have recently implemented a donation application process, where we ask organizations / individuals to complete a basic form that outlines the request and the reason for the request.

When we evaluate a donation request, this helps us first focus on how the requesting organization and the purpose of the donation fits our value system at the Lodge. Secondly, it helps us focus on how the event relates to what the Lodge is focused on. which is outdoor activities, rustic worldly food, and education. From there we ask more specific questions to better understand the event. 

We have contributed to various organizations and causes over the past several years, We are reevaluating them to make sure they fit our values and that our donation process will be beneficial to help us follow those values with those organizations that we support.


Last modified on February 7th, 2023 at 11:40 am