January 28, 2023: Night Sky Photography Workshop Recap

This past Saturday we held the January 2023 Night Sky Photography Workshop. Despite cloud cover impeding the starry night sky and the below freezing January temperatures, Nate Bett led an informative lecture to four very enthusiastic Keweenaw Mountain Lodge guests.

The four attendees arrived for a night snowshoe rental and stayed to learn about the phenomenon of the Auroras, a result of plasma expelled from the sun which follows the magnetic field lines of the earth and are visible to the human eye as brilliant ribbons of colored light or haze.

During the talk, Nate also discussed the correlation between ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings, and talked about long exposure shots, light painting, ideal equipment for different weather and light conditions, and the most useful apps for planning great night sky photo opportunities.

On clear nights, Nate steps out with guests into the Dark Sky Park at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge and teaches hands on nighttime photography techniques. “The Dark Sky Park at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is one of very few places left where humans can view the stars and the wonders of the night sky almost the same way our ancestors did,” explained Amy Bory, coordinator of Events and Education at the lodge.

In promoting the preservation of the night skies through education centered around the damage caused by light pollution, the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge hosts Night Sky and Aurora Photo Workshops every month of the year. Workshops are led by professional photographers and educators and draw passionate, purpose driven individuals of all skill levels.

Visit the KML calendar for the 2023 Photo Workshop dates.


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