New Trek Fuel bikes for rent at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

We have received the final two bikes and are ready to roll! 

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge has kicked this bike season off with a brand new fleet of ten 2021 Trek Fuel EX 8s and 2 trek Roscoes for the kids. We have multiple sizes of bikes, ranging from small to extra large — allowing customers the ability to have a bike that is the right size for them. And you don’t have to worry about mens vs womens bikes the Trek designed the Fuel EX to be a unisex bike; all measurements are based on height and weight. 

We chose to partner with Trek because of their history in making great bikes and innovation — which goes along with our concept of marrying history with the future in order to get to a vibrant and progressive present. Based in the Midwest, out of Waterloo, Wisconsin, they make all types of bikes and are a great support system for parts and advice. 

The reliability of Trek bikes was another deciding factor in the brand we chose for the fleet. The Fuel EX 8 is the perfect model for riding the Copper Harbor Trail System. We wanted a bike that could be ridden by anyone at any level of riding competence, while still providing the snappy response that advanced riders enjoy. 

These EX 8s have the nicest component package that you can get with the aluminum frame models. They come with Sram 1×12 GX eagle drive trains, Bontrager 150mm dropper posts, a Fox float performance rear shock with RE:activ damper technology, and a Fox Rhythm 34 front forks. All of these high end parts work together to make your ride smooth and seamless when in the cockpit. 

There are a few interesting features on the EX 8s which is good  to highlight. All of the bikes come with Mino-Link Flip-Chip technology, which allows for small adjustments in the frame geometry. This allows one to fine tune their ride. You can loosen and “flip” these oblong bushings, which are housed at the top of the seatstay. Adjusting the flip chip allows for .5 degrees of head tube slack and 5-7mm of clearance or slack on the bottom bracket. The flip chip is an interesting design feature that can make one’s ride on the Copper Harbor Trails system more enjoyable. Feel free to ask any of the Outdoor Activity Center (OAC) staff members about it!

The another feature of these bikes that is of interest is the Active Braking Pivot (ABP) design on the rear triangle. Normally, the point at which the seat stay and chainstay meet at the axle, there is a welded angle that is fixed. With Trek’s ABP, both stays are now independent of each other on their own bearings at the rear axle. This means that when you apply your brakes during a rocky downhill section, your rear shock will not lock on you, allowing for more controlled descents. 

The crew at the Outdoor Activity Center (OAC) has been test riding and tuning the bikes — prepping them for rolling around our beginner trails and ripping the advanced downhills that Copper Harbor is known for. We welcome all levels of riders and look forward to meeting you. Let’s get rolling!

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Last modified on July 11th, 2021 at 5:12 pm