June 10, 2021: Night Sky Photography Workshop Recap

This summer we have three night sky photography workshops planned at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge as part of our stargazing activities. These workshops are to teach night-sky and photography enthusiasts how to take high-quality pictures of the dark sky.

Our first night sky photography workshop was held earlier this month, during the month’s new moon on June 10, 2021. The workshop started with a classroom session discussing topics such as: camera settings, camera equipment, locations around the Keweenaw that have clear viewing points, other night sky photography topics that were discussed were: Northern Lights, Moon, Lightning, Meteors/Fireballs/Shooting stars etc. The classroom session was about an hour and fifteen minutes long, next was the hands-on part of the workshop.

To be able to see the stars at night, good weather is needed. After finishing up the indoor lecture portion of the workshop in the Outdoor Activity Center, we stepped outside with our cameras to find the weather being cloudy and foggy. We were hoping the weather would break during the classroom session but we were not that fortunate.

That did not deter the enthusiasm of the group. We decided to go on an adventure and headed up to Brockway Mountain in hopes of being able to see some stars. It was eerily foggy on the drive up to the mountain, and we regrouped at the top. We hung out and chatted and patiently waited for the stars to come out. The stars did break through the clouds every little while.

Just as we were all getting ready to call it a night, one of the group’s participants, Misael, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Jessica. She of course, said YES!!

What a great way to end the evening. Congratulations Miseal & Jessica!!

There will be two more workshops this summer, July 9 and August 8, 2021. Reserve your spot by emailing outdoor-activities@keweenawresort.com or by calling 906-289-4403 ext 4

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