Mother’s Day Take and Go Boxes sold out

Good morning. It is a glorious day, and to top it off, it is Mother’s Day.

We wish a wonderful Mother’s Day to all the mother’s, and thank each of them for all that they have done, and continue to do, in our lives.

Today we would normally be holding a feast at the Lodge, hosting a number of people throughout the day to celebrate Mother’s Day. Last year we had a packed Lodge, with two full-house sittings to celebrate mothers and the opening of the Lodge for the 2019 summer season. 

This year we had planned another Mother’s Day event — a Mother’s Day lunch, with a wonderful, rustic-focused 5-course menu.

However, with the current executive orders in place which don’t allow dine-in, and with stay-home, stay-safe initiatives still in place in the state of Michigan, we canceled the traditional lunch. Even if the executive orders were not in place, we felt that it was best to cancel the traditional event (we made the decision to cancel it March 24th). This decision was to ensure safety of our staff and guests, and to ensure we can offer what we say we can offer.

That said, we opened up last week on Thursday, April 30th, for food take-out. We didn’t know how that would go and if our kitchen would be ready to handle take-out operations. After the first weekend concluded, we looked back on how the operations went and what we learned (and continue to learn) about offering take-out. We felt comfortable to try a take-out option for Mother’s Day — a Mother’s Day Take and Go Box. We offered a limited number of boxes, as we wanted to make sure we cook wonderful rustic comfort food that has soul.

The Mother’s Day Take and Go Box menu consisted of:

  • Appetizer: choose one option – Fish dip or hummus, with our housemade bread
  • Salad: choose one option – Garden or spinach
  • Soup: Vegetarian minestrone
  • Main Dish: Chicken roulade, with wine sauce — served with vegetables and rice
  • Dessert: Chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, with orange zest

We are happy to say that we sold out of the boxes.

We thank those that purchased boxes, and we look forward to seeing you when you pick up the boxes today.

For those that wanted a box, but we had already sold out, we also thank you for your support and hope you are able to purchase food from our take-out menu or our next special “box” event.

We are open today between 8am and 4pm, for breakfast and lunch (see this week’s take-out menu).

We hope you enjoy the food with your families. Happy Mother’s Day.



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