April 2020: fun.joyous.adventuresome Team Member Pic

Each month we highlight a picture from the Lodge based upon our core values. Here is the April 2020 fun.jouyous.adventuresome team member picture of the month.  

Where is Hank hiding? Hank Baron
[ …a throw back: February 25, 2020 ]

This picture was taken by the guest services lead, Janee Artrip, in February as the team was looking for windows that separated the bar area and the newly restored porch (part of the office-to-porch conversion).  She made the comment when posting the picture in our internal communication system (Slack): “Where is Hank hiding?”

The area that Hank is in in the picture is known to be where the golf pro lived when working during the summers at the Lodge in the early year.

We did find the missing window in the location that Hank is in in the picture.  You can see the windows in the picture below.



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