March 2020: fun.joyous.adventuresome Team Member Pic

Each month we highlight a picture from the Lodge based upon our core values. Here is the March 2020 fun.jouyous.adventuresome team member picture of the month. There are actually 2 pictures this month, with 4 people in them 

Maintenance crew fun: Eric Johnson, Hank Baron, Matt Rastello, and Paul Ketola
[ March 28 & 29, 2020 ]

In March, we experienced the concept of social distancing. Staying 6 feet from one another was important.

In the first picture, Matt and Hank exhibit how we use radios on the property. Are Hank and Matt singing to each other or are they trying to figure out which roof to clear first for the roofing crew next week?

In the second picture, what are Eric and Paul measuring? Could it be associated with a distance of 6 feet? Or are we finishing up the flooring work to make the Lodge building stronger?

The facilities maintenance crew has been on property every day this winter, and continues to be strong. Keweenaw💪




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