Photo Contest Wood Prints being Hung in the Cabins

In March, we hosted our very own photo contest and picked the winners which showcase the images of the Keweenaw. We selected a number of winners and sent off the photos to be printed on wood.

We are excited to inform you that our wood prints have been delivered. The photos have been carefully printed on wood by Ross Sergio at Unrefined Art.  It took some time as we had a large order and it was during the busy season for Ross; he does wonderful work, and ensures the quality is top notch.

Now that the wood prints have arrived, we began to hang them in the cabins for our guests to enjoy. 

If you are one of our winners and would like to claim your prize of a night’s stay in the cabin your photo is hanging, reach out to us at 906-289-4403. Grace Schmitz will be getting in contact with all winners as well. 

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