This page is for providing information about the gift cards, gift certificates, and gift vouchers we provide at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

  • Gift Cards
  • Lodging Gift Certificates
  • Gift Vouchers

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased and used for food and beverage at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge (dining room, bar, and Little Cabin Cafe), purchasing items from the Lodge Life Shop, and green fees / cart rentals from the golf course at the Lodge.

Lodging Gift Certificates

The lodging gift certificates can be used for lodging reservations at the cabins at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge. Lodging gift certificates are non-transferable with no expiration date.

Gift Vouchers

The gift vouchers can be used based upon the products and services listed specifically on the gift voucher. Gift vouchers are given by the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge and must be used by the given expiration date.

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