Recipes: Dinner Menu for the week of May 8th – 14th, 2023

Recipes:  The week of May 8th – 14th, 2023

Hummus, with Harissa [ Lebanese- & Moroccan-influence ]

Ingredients & Directions: When previous recipes are researched. You can find a detailed explanation of how to prepare our style of Harissa, which relies mostly on bell pepper unlike the Moroccan one which is heavily reliant on chili peppers.

Fatayer bil Samak [ Lebanese- & Algerian -influence ]

Ingredients & Directions: The dough of small pies, triangular shaped is of Lebanese origin where flour is worked with butter and oil (in small quantities) without yeast or a leavening agent (Baking powder and the like). Samak means fish. In this case the Algerian influence comes through with the adding of cilantro, lime and diced tomatoes and a touch of red pepper flakes

Tabbouleh [ Lebanese-influence ]

This is a traditional Lebanese salad composed of finely chopped parsley, small diced tomato, green onion or white onion, spearmint (Fresh when available in the summer; sundried when not in season), all-spice, a hint of cinnamon, & lemon-olive oil dressing. Served on lettuce.

Tuna Steak [ Asian-influence ]

Ingredients & Directions: Tuna steak pan-seared and finished with a glaze of citrus (fresh orange juice and Lemon), oregano, chopped parsley, soy sauce, garlic powder, grated ginger, with a dash of Woodford Reserve Bourbon).
To prepare the turmeric rice: sauté the finely chopped onion, garlic, grated ginger and corn in a mixture of butter and oil. When the onion has become opaque and the garlic got some color, the rice is then added with water and turmeric. Cook it the way you would rice.

Beef “Diana Style” [ British-influence ]

Ingredients & Directions: Traditionally, a beef tenderloin is the cut of meat used. In this menu, I thinly sliced beef sirloin, pan-seared and finished with a sauce made of red wine, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, tomato sauce (I opted out and used instead beef stock, added a touch of soy sauce, cognac and cream.

Vegetarian Enchilada [ Mexican-influence ]

Ingredients & Directions: Tortilla are stuffed with sweet potatoes and black beans (cooked from scratch, thereafter sautéed with onion, cilantro, jalapeno, cumin and coriander and a dash of cayenne).

Mexican rice: I prepared a puree of roasted tomatoes with onions, garlic and I cooked the rice with it.

Salsa Verde: We stewed Tomatillo, with garlic, bell pepper and jalapeno, pureed them and simmered low heat to intensify the flavor. At service time, we rolled the tortilla with fillings, covered with tomatillo salsa and cheese. Baked till all come together.

Small Apple Pies, shaped as Half Moon [ Italian-influence ]

The crust for the hand pies is flour, cream cheese and butter. The filling is cut apples, semi cooked in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and clove.
Orange marmalade (I suggest you follow a French recipe for the orange marmalade). It is mostly the peel of oranges along with a couple of whole oranges, cooked gently with white sugar till it thickens. It Is then pureed when cooled and again simmered to reduce further the juice and the reaches the consistency of that of a marmalade. The flavor is a combination of sweet and a touch of bitter because I chose to keep the pit on the orange peel.


Source of Ingredients Used in the Dishes for this Menu


  • Hummus, with Harissa: Chickpeas (Love Of Fare), Tahini ((Al Kanater – Lebanon); Lemon (Peak Fresh Produce); Garlic (I love produce – Produce of Spain)
  • Fatayer bil Sama: Seafood (King & Prince – Seafood sensation); Cilantro (Good Roots Farms – South Dakota) Tomatoes (DiMare, Texas); Dill Weed (Badia).


  • Tabbouleh: Parsley ; Tomatoes (DiMare, Texas); Extra Virgin Olive oil (Arrezio Robusto); Canola oil (Distributed by Sysco – zero trans fat Canola oil); Dry spearmint (Imported from Lebanon – purchased at Phoenicia Bakery and Grocery – in Austin Texas), Allspice (Badia), cinnamon(Sysco (Sysco Imperial); Lettuce Romaine (Good Roots)


  • Tuna Steak: YellowFin Tuna (Emperor’s – wild harvested Indonesia; Blood orange (Sunkist Growers) soy sauce (Kikkoman) fresh finger (Melissa’s organic Ginger root – Walmart)
  • Beef “Diana Style”: Beef (Iowa Beef Producer); Burgundy red wine (Peter Vella Vineyards), Balsamic Vinegar (Arrezio) ; Mustard (Grey Poupon) ; Heavy Whipping Cream (Kemps); Yukon potato (Peak Market – Canada) ; Green onions (Mexico – Packed by Heartland Produce, Wisconsin); Asparagus (Did not record name from box at purchase)
  • Vegetarian Enchilada: Tortilla (La Banderita – Ole Mexican); Sweet Potato ; Black Bean (Love of Fare); Tomatillo , Serrano (Robinson Fresh); Shredded cheese ; (Avocado (Hass), corn chips(Contigo)


  • Small Apple Pies, shaped as Half Moon: Butter-Cream cheese (Wholesome farms; Prairie Farms) , Flour (Unbromated, unbleached,”Heritage European Artisan”) ; Apples (Fresh Point) , Pistachio (Southern Grove, Whole Milk & Heavy cream (Prairie farms),Sugar (Beet sugar) ; Orange Blossom extract (Cortas – Imported)


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