Lights Out! Program

This page is about the Lights Out! Program at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, the headquarters of the Keweenaw Dark Sky Park.

Initially implemented in April 2023 (announced during the 2023 UP Dark Sky Festival), the Lights Out! program helps guests at the Lodge and the dark sky park have a great stargazing experience. The program entails turning off lights around the property for multiple days each month. The number of days can range from 2-10 days and usually takes place around the new moon for a given month.

[ See calendar of events for the next Lights Out! ]

By turning off the street lights, and other relevant outside lights, guests are able to not have the dark skies polluted by unnecessary light and to be able to sleep better in their cabins.

When individuals are walking around property, one should take the necessary precautions when walking in the dark. This includes making sure your eyes adjust to the darkness, and use red flashlights when needing additional light to safely find one’s way.

Flashlights: It is useful to take a flashlight with you when you are walking around the property so you watch where you are stepping. To be considerate of others, a red flashlight is preferred.

Enjoy the stargazing experienced. fun.joyous.adventuresome.


  • In 2023, as part of the Lights Out! program, we turned off the street lights for 47 days.