Snow Biking

[ We are working on building out snow biking trails in the future. Learn More. ] 

Snow Biking at the Lodge: Currently, there are no groomed snow biking trails at the Lodge for the 2021-2022 winter season.

Snow Biking Close to the Lodge: Just a mile down the road in the town of Copper Harbor you will find the Copper Harbor Winter Bike Trails. These easy rated trails are great way to explore the community of Copper Harbor. You can park right in town and head west towards the Trails End Campground. If you head East you will discover the historic Fort Wilkins. Please note that these trails are multi use and to respect other trail users:

Just past Fort Wilkins at the start of Highway 41 you will discover the End of the Road Winter Trails. This 16 km trail system will take you to the top of the East Bluff Bike Park and around a scenic loop to Horseshoe Harbor.

Located 34 miles from the Lodge in the historic town of Calumet is the Swedetown Trails system. This is a world class cross country ski destination, and they also have 14.7 km of winter bike specific trails.

Located 43 miles away from the Lodge in the town of Hancock are the Churning Rapids Snow Bike Trails. These trails are part of the Churning Rapids/Maasto Hiihto Trails  network. This system is a combination of groomed snow bike and cross country ski trails and about 10 miles of the system is groomed specifically for snow biking. If you are specifically interested in snow biking the trails we recommended that you park at the Christensen Road trailhead on M203. 



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